Winter Skin: How To Prepare Your Skin For The Harshest Months

During the summer months, it’s all about bronzers, fake tan, light moisturisers and warm tones. But as soon as the temperature begins to drop, you need to start thinking about changing your skin care routine. There’s nothing worse than flaked, chapped, sore skin that visibly crumbles at a touch of foundation. And it’s crazy how quick it can happen when the temperature drops suddenly.

The worst is strong winds, icy temperatures and central heating in the home, which means your skin starts to change rapidly – usually drying out.

I’m currently enjoying the last month wearing a cropped two piece to the gym and just  a touch of concealer for the gym.

But although I may currently be using what I think is the best concealer for dry skin – you’ve got no chance of achieving a flawless look if your skin isn’t in a good condition. So, what’s the solution? Well, here you’ll find a little guide for preparing your skin for the chilly season ahead.

It’s not too difficult, with just a few things to switch up and focus on. Here’s my recommendations before October hits…

Exfoliate twice a week

Many people think that exfoliating your skin in the winter will make it sore and not as resilient against those bitter winds. But, they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Exfoliating your skin regularly during the winter months means getting rid of all those dead skin cells that make your complexion dull and flaky.

It also allows your moisturiser to absorb quickly and much more effectively too! Polishing your skin once or twice a week should do the trick. Make sure to keep a gorgeous skin polisher to hand when you’re in the shower so you don’t forget!

Invest in a new moisturiser

Your lightweight moisturiser was most certainly perfect for those greasy, sweaty summer months but come winter, your favourite tanning moisturiser just won’t cut it. So, you need to take it to the next level: aim for something with rich, hydrating and healing properties.

Ideally, one that will really soak into your skin and fill it full of all the protection and vitamins it’s going to need to get through the cold winter months. Just look at it as indulging your and pampering your skin. And also use a richer, nourishing night cream before you go to bed…

Be careful when bathing…

We all like a hot shower in the morning to get our blood pumping and get us ready for the day ahead. It’s even more tempting to stay in there when it’s cold and miserable outside! But if you’re looking after your skin, you need to spend less time in those hot showers.

Hot showers will literally strip your skin of all it’s hydrating oils, absorb all the natural moisture and essentially dry it out. Stick to lukewarm shower instead. Cutting your shower time is great for reducing your water consumption too! It’s a win, win!

Balm for lips

We all know how irritating chapped, sore and flaking lips can be. They’re really embarrassing too! To stop chapped lips in their tracks, always keep a pot of lip balm handy. Make sure it’s one that’s kind to your skin too; if it tingles when you put it on, then it’s not doing you any favours. If you suffer from dry, chapped elbows then you can use it there too.

Vasoline, Palmers coconut butter range and The Body Shop usually have fail safe versions which come in a range of natural versions, and then some yummy, lightly scented ones too.

Stay protected…

We all know the dangers of UV rays, so don’t be fooled by the winter sun. It might not be very hot, but the UV rays out there can still cause damage to your skin. If you invest in a new moisturiser/foundation, then make sure it has an SPF of 30 minimum.

It may seem strange putting SPF onto your skin separate when it’s so cold, so it’s more do-able by using a moisturiser and foundation infused with an SPF (I don’t recommend this for Summer though – always best to use a separate SPF)

Choose foundation carefully

Try to be kind to your skin and not load it up with thick, gloopy foundations. If you do need a full coverage which lasts all day, look at ones such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, because the smallest bit applied gives a fuller coverage and lasts over 10 hours. Or, Double Wear Light is a newer favourite of mine, if you don’t have a lot of pigmentation or marks that need heavy coverage.

And then you go – just a few tips for switching up your Winter skincare. Remember, October, November and December can be the best months of the year: hot chocolate at night, mulled wine and mince pies, warm cosy fires and duvet days over the weekend. Make sure you enjoy it!


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