Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Change Your Style

We often like to make an effort with our appearance, because out of everything, it can make us feel good about ourselves. And of course, when we feel good about ourselves, this boosts our self-esteem and helps us feel happy.

Being told that we look nice or that the outfit we are wearing really suits us can really make our day. How often do you hear those compliments? On second thoughts – do you physically make an effort, or have you let your appearance and outfit choices slip lately?

If the answer to those last questions is yes, then think about this next question: do we need to be wearing what everyone else is wearing or can we stand out from the crowd a little and own our own style to feel better? Of course, being a little bit different isn’t a bad thing, but it can take a little bit of courage to be able to step out of our comfort zone for the first time.

If there’s a certain way you want to dress or a certain style you really want to start making an effort with, here are some ideas on how to ensure you can follow your own rules properly.

Finding Your Fit

Not only in the metaphorical sense but also in the real sense that we need to feel comfortable in our clothing. If you need to shop for Plus Size Clothing then do so, because there’s nothing worse than feeling as though a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you well. Having to adjust the clothing you’re wearing can be distracting and knock our confidence too.

So trying on the clothes before you buy them, pairing them with different options and being flexible with the options you have is something you will thank yourself later for. Don’t be too disheartened if your favourite outfit no longer fits you, just purchase something that does and move on. It may be difficult at first but you can easily adapt if you keep a positive mindset. Don’t forget that the internet is a huge resource where you will find all the different options you could possibly want.

You’ll feel so much more confident if your clothing genuinely fits you properly, so if you need to go uo a size, down a size, opt for loose fit or bodycon, do the one which works for your body shape the best.

Try New Things

So you always thought that burnt orange was your colour, but have you ever tried emerald green? The point here is that you don’t know unless you try. There are plenty of professionals and websites willing to share the knowledge of colour tones that suit different people. You can also use technology to try different things in virtual reality as well now! Don’t be afraid to pick something up that you have never tried before and being bold, if you like a dress then try it on.

This really is as simple as it sounds, we spend a lot of time trying to think about what ‘suits’ us but more often than not just putting a new outfit together in colours that you love will pay off! And if nothing else, you will have a good idea about what you love the look of and what you don’t in future.

Design Something

Of course, we’re not all born naturally gifted with creative endeavours, but we can have a go at putting outfits together and seeing what works, sometimes we don’t realise how good something can look until we see it drawn. Many people looking to shake up their style set up Pinterest boards, or create mood boards themselves, taking inspiration from others and having fun with it.

We do want to look good and feel comfortable in what we wear, but there’s no reason not to have fun with it at the same time. Who knows where the creativity could lead? Many people in the past have tried their hand at designing clothes and made a career from it long term.

So no matter whether you have a love for everything pink and fluffy or rich gold and greens the world is your oyster, just because many people before you may have tried something new and not enjoyed it doesn’t mean you can’t be confident to try too!

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