Why you should visit a safari at least once in your life

Our ancestors had to struggle to survive in a hostile environment. But because of technological progress, most of us don’t have to worry about our safety anymore. We didn’t end up there, though, without paying the price. We spend most of our days sitting in front of the computer screens, worrying that our lives are not perfect enough.

Only occasionally do we come into contact with nature. It doesn’t mean that there’s no yearning inside us. Spending half of our waking hours in offices is against our essence.

One way of dealing with this disheartening state of affairs is to seek experiences that will provide us with authentic emotions. If you want to experience something truly unforgettable, you should go on a safari. You’ll be able to relax and remind yourself that there’s more to life than Excel spreadsheets, quarterly reports, and corporate meetings. In a second, you’ll learn why this journey is worth undertaking. Let’s go!

The sense of wonder

To say that our lives lack excitement would be wrong, but too often, this excitement is caused by things that ultimately don’t matter. Not to say that we all should be going to the theatre every week and converse with our friends about Kantian philosophy. It wouldn’t hurt, but coming into contact with nature up close is a great way to put things into perspective.

People have always been obsessed with their own lives, but the advent of social media didn’t make matters any better. Once you encounter a pack of wildebeest or other wild animals, you’ll realize that we are but tiny particles in the giant universe and that there is no need to worry about every little thing.

Hot air balloons

If you’ve read some of Julius Verne’s novels, I’m sure that a hot air balloon trip is something that is on your list of things to do before you die. Floating throughout the skies, you’ll feel like in one of your childhood dreams. Once you arrive on a safari, you’ll be astonished by the landscapes, so imagine what the view will look like when you are hundreds of meters up in the air.

If it’s something that you’d love to experience, check out the website of Angama, a safari lodge in Kenya. Not all safaris have hot air balloons at their disposal, so check beforehand! If you are acrophobic, though, it’s best not to entertain this idea.

Physical movement

Sitting for long hours is unnatural for your body. Unfortunately, it is an inseparable part of most jobs in the modern economy. To counteract those adverse effects, we should engage in physical activity as often as possible, though most of us have issues with motivation. While on a safari, you won’t think about your hurting legs or imperfect weather – you’ll be more than eager to go on exploring. You won’t be able to go anywhere you want – it would be too dangerous, but usually, there are designated areas where you can venture on your own, and be with nature just on your own for a bit.

Breathtaking sights

If you are at least somewhat interested in photography, going on a safari will give you a chance to take incredible photos. You’ll encounter animals that previously you’ve only had a chance to find at your local zoos. Apart from African wildlife, you’ll also have an opportunity to photograph pristine nature. You’ll be far away from the nearest city, which means that you’ll be able to look at beautiful stars in all their splendour, undisturbed by any lights.

Last chance?

It may not happen next year or the year after it, but the population of the animals that people want to see the most continues to dwindle. If we don’t increase our efforts, eventually their entire population will perish. There’s no need for urgency, but if you want to go on a safari before the countdown to extinction ends you shouldn’t wait too long.

Encounter new cultures

If you visit the neighbouring countries, you’ll have a chance to meet people with a slightly different culture and customs, but the chances are, it won’t be anything groundbreaking. Going on a safari, though, can widen your horizons much more deeply. The lives of the inhabitants of Africa are much more varied than those of Europe, North America, or any other continent.

It means that depending on the region, you’ll have a chance to learn about completely different cultures. Perhaps encountering people whose everyday life is entirely unlike yours will allow you to eliminate any unnecessary elements from your life and find tranquillity.

Are you convinced?

The amount of different activities that you can engage in on a safari is astounding. Watching beautiful landscapes, hot air balloon trips, learning first-hand about new cultures, observing wild animals from the close distance – the list goes on and on. If none of the points on your list is negotiable, prepare to spend quite a significant time there. Once you get there, though, you won’t have any doubts that you’ll remember this trip forever!

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