Why Vue Cinema Cheshire Oaks Is By Far The Best Cinema Experience

So I haven’t been to the cinema since the start of 2019 – how rubbish is that? That hasn’t really been a reason other than I’ve just been stupidly busy this year, and haven’t prioritised time to book in to watch a film and switch off from the world at a local cinema.

I decided to change this up when I heard that on Monday 16th December (a couple of days ago) Vue cinema at Cheshire Oaks had just undergone a major refurbishment, and was offering a much more premium and luxurious experience.

The major revamp at Vue Cheshire Oaks is now here, seeing that every seat in each of its sixteen screens has been upgraded to luxurious leather recliners. Recliners in every screen? Yep, that’s right!

When I heard about this, I was genuinley a little giddy. I do associate cinemas as having hard, old school faux velvet seats where you all sit very straight backed while watching your film of choice. I couldn’t quite visualise these new reclining chairs all lined up in each and every screen, but either way, I was eager to see it for myself!

Myself and Martin headed to Cheshire Oaks to indulge in a spot of shopping on Monday 16th – coinciding with the refurbishment being completed at Vue. We opted to watch ‘Last Christmas’ during a daytime viewing of 3.30pm (seeing as we were both free that day and thought it would be a little quieter!) and also to get us in that festive mood on the run up for Christmas.

When I arrived, I noticed how sleek, modern and spacious the entrance area at Vue Cheshire Oaks was. I haven’t been to this cinema before, but I have been to plenty of cinemas in my time of course, and I did notice that this one gives off a contemporary feel. We headed to the main cashier desks and picked up our tickets, before drooling over the Tango Ice Blasts and picking one up each. Along with sweet popcorn – obviously!

We hovered around the pick and mix section debating whether to go hard on the sugar or to leave it to just the Tango Ice Blasts and buckets of popcorn. We decided to be good and stick to our snacks, but I have to say the sweets and Ben & Jerry’s section made me wish I wasn’t going to be heading out for dinner later on. I think (sorry, I know) I would have gone all out with the cinema treats.

Next, we headed to Screen 8, where I had a look around at the new improved seating areas. True to work, the room was filled with luxury seats -each with bags of leg room- made with padded leather and a super handy fold-away tray to hold those cinema drinks and snacks. I quickly fell into place, leaning right back into my seat and feeling the superb comfort from the padded reclining chair. With just a touch of the button to the right hand side of the arm, the seat reclines right back, and immediatley my legs were raised infront of me like I was almost lying down.

By far the most comfiest I’ve ever been in the cinema!

It was fairly dark in the cinema so it was quite hard to capture the seating with my camera, but you should be able to get the idea of it from the photos above.

It just made the entire film watching experience a million times more comfortable and cosy, with that relaxed feeling. I felt like we wasn’t right on top of the people infront of us, and it was so much handier having a foldout tray to keep my food and drinks, so I didn’t have the awkwardness or propping my drink in the arm rest between me and the person next to me.

Honestly, the reclining seats are so comfortable, I wasn’t in any rush to get out when the credits begin!

The reclining seats, brilliant sound and visuals aren’t the only positives that Vue Cheshire Oaks has. The ultimate big screen entertainment also stretches to the price range, where tickets for Vue Cheshire Oaks are now priced at £7.99* for every film, every day, and are available to purchase at myvue.com.

I think the price is fantastic! For a guaranteed VIP style experience, it really does make the whole cinema experience that little more luxury, enhancing the film watching session from start to finish.

The refurbishment has come at a great time, just before some of the highly anticipated blockbusters including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Cats and Little Women launch.

And if you’re wondering if we enjoyed Last Christmas, the answer is yes! I was slightly worried it would be a cheesy romantic film similar to that of The Holiday and Love Actually, which are both incredible films within their own right but I feared we didn’t need another typical story line. Lash Christmas is indeed a love story, but has that modern day twist that made it so realistic.

Thanks to Vue Cheshire Oaks for the best cinema experience I’ve had to date! I’ll totally be back for a day trip, tying in a little bit of shopping followed by a luxury film experience…

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