Why I’ve Always Used Rosehip Oil For Acne Scars

As most of you guys will know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a long while, I’ve suffered acne since being 15. Fast forward to now being 33, and acne is still a massive part of my life.

Although the breakouts are no where near as cystic and horrendous as they have been throughout my twenties, I still get numerous breakouts around my jaw and cheeks. I recently found out that I have Polycystic Ovaries, which is possibly one of the reasons I can never fully shift acne from my life.

Anyway, the point of today’s blog post is to quickly jump on here and share what I’ve used solidly for years and years to ensure the angry red marks don’t stick around forever. I’ll be honest, I feel like my skin heals a lot slower than the ‘normal’ person. I see my friends get spots, and they clear up and completely vanish within a week Me? Usually the red mark will stay for a couple of months afterwards. I did a bit of research into this and found that because I’ve had acne for such a long time, my skin is scarred from it, and new spots appear on already scarred skin.

This means the time for my marks to heal is so much longer than those who haven’t got already scarred skin. If that makes sense…

A product I’ve been using on my skin for the last 6 years is rosehip oil, and the one I always recommend to people is the trilogy Rosehip oil. I always remember when I first heard about it. It was when I was living in Australia (Sydney) for a year, and I had a 6 month role within the David Jones E-Commerce department (kinda like Australia’s equivalent to Selfridges or House of Fraser).

I was talking about how I’d heard about rosehip oil helping acne scars and marks, and a girl turned around and asked me if I’d tried the one from trilogy. trilogy is a brand that was sold at David Jones, so I remember going down to the beauty floor on my lunch break and buying it.

The rest my friend, is history…

Why I Love Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a natural product, making it a gentle way to achieve clearer skin. The product is clinically tested, and shown to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin and dramatically improve skin moisture levels.

They don’t necessarily advertise this as ‘the product which shifts away acne marks’. It’s more because it has a lightweight, non-greasy, texture which contains omega 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps to restore optimum skin health. The nourishing rosehip oil leaves the skin looking radiant and glowing, but it’s also the natural vitamin A it contains that works it’s magic.

I have found that the oil’s vitamin A helps to regulate sebum production, which can help prevent blackheads and whiteheads from forming. So straight away it naturally helps to keep my breakouts reduced. From my research, I found that Rosehip oil may can help reduce the appearance of scarring because of the linoleic acid that is found in it, which helps tackle hyperpigmentation in certain scars.

How I Use Rosehip Oil

I use it just once, which is at night, but you can use it twice a day if you like. It’s natural and super gentle for all skin types. You just simply massage 2-3 drops into cleansed skin on face, neck and/or body.

You can choose to use it on it’s own, or, apply first after cleansing and let it absorb into the skin for a little while. If you wish to apply a moisturiser after, you can, but you really don’t need to as this pretty much does the job itself as well as working on tackling those pesky scars.

I do often apply an SPF after it if I use this in the morning, though.

trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend

Trilogy have also launched a Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Light Blend, which I think is super nice incase you’re not too sure you want to use an oil daily.

I find the original formula is great for me, but those who just feel they want something a little lighter may benefit from trying the light blend first.

Again, just like the original, it’s a balancing beauty oil to help regulate oil production, improve skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles for radiantly healthy skin. The oil feels really light when it’s applied to the skin and massaged in, absorbing quickly. Although light, it is deeply nourishing and I’d probably say it’s more ideal to use during warmer weather, when you want your skincare to be as lightweight as possible.

I’m not saying it’s a magical cure for scarring, and it does take a bit of perseverance to keep using the product to start seeing the fading of the scars, but honestly, I love it. It’s natural, light, and an all round beautifying product for my skin. I can’t rave about Rosehip oil enough, and although from time to time I’ll switch it up and use other brands (I wrote about a great one here too), trilogy is the one that springs to my mind when asked for recommendations.

You can shop the product here.

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