Why I’m Making More Effort To Shoot Fashion This Year on Instagram

For years, I’ve been running whatemmadid.com and the @whatemmadid_ Instagram account as a one man band. And by that, I need trying to take fashion and beauty shots via self timer on my own, in a poorly lit room.

I’ve somehow managed to do alright by getting content this way, but I’ve never been fully happy with it. You know you feel there is a blocker to your limits? I felt like my constant selfies and self timer blurry shots whilst I never had anyone to help were just failing me.

The Instagram ‘game’ is tough. You have all these influencers with photographers or someone to hand constantly snapping away at candid shots. I’ve always felt a little awkward, but towards the end of 2018, I decided to make a change. 2019 was going to be the year I plucked up the confidence and courage to ask my boyfriend and friends to take my photos, or meet up with other bloggers and exchange photoshoots.

Even the male fashion instagrammers have upped their game. Ladies beware – there are now some seriously fantastic male fashion bloggers in Manchester and beyond. They are absolutely rocking the whole shirts for men style, sharp blazers and even the whole casual, loungewear/streetwear style.

The results are already showing. My recent Instagram work – mainly fashion – has been soaring. It just goes to show that people really like the aesthetic of your feed when you have full length outfit shots, taken clearly by someone else.

So this is the way I’m changing for 2019. I love fashion, and I’m a proud High Street girl. Some of my favourite brands High St faves and fast fashion online retailers like New Look, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Quiz, Nasty Gal, Zara and Primark.

My favourite item of all time to style up for ‘the gram’ has to be a simple long sleeve dress. One I can add either stilettos or ankle boots to, throw on a handbag or a clutch bag, wrap a cardigan or a chunky coat over the top, slide on a blazer, dress up, dress down… you know the score.

If I’m showing a bit of leg, I like to balance it out and cover a bit of my arms, so that’s why I tend to love the long sleeve dress. Plus I’m always so cold!

Do you notice there is something about the types of Instagram accounts you follow, which makes you love them? The colours, the angles, the subjects or the themes? The clarity maybe, or professionalism?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you don’t already, it would be amazing if you joined me over on Instagram, I love connecting with you all…

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