Why a Campervan Holiday Is On My Summer Agenda

Holiday season has arrived – hooray! Every year, my boyfriend and I usually book a holiday abroad, alongside a couple of little UK getaways. We usually end up around Wales or the Lake District, but this year, we’ve left it a little bit late to book anywhere.

Those who travel to the Lakes often will know that trying to get a hotel last minute around Lake Winderemere is pretty much impossible. And it’s because of this, that the thought of campervan holidays crept into my mind again.

It’s not the first time I’ve pondered getting a campervan and using it for our UK Summer trips. Just imagine the freedom!

The first time I really started to think about it was when I attended the Camper Calling festival two years ago. I was literally amazed – there were rows and rows of new and old campervans, where people were parking up to make that ground their home for the festival weekend.

Since then, I’ve often pondered VW Campervan Conversions, weighing up the benefits of using one for our little UK trips. I mean – have you ever looked inside them? They are perfect little holiday homes (especially for two, although larger ones can work for families).

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some advantages of Campervan holidays, in case it is something you’re pondering too…

You can take care of the cooking

We often pitch up and camp when we go to Wales, and as much as we enjoy it, we get a little frustrated with the eating situation. We tend to do a disposable BBQ for the first night, which is always weather dependant, and then have to eat out the rest of the night. I won’t lie though, breakfasts are always a little disappointing!

With a campervan, you have your little stove area and a dry place to stand and cook. It’s all compact so doesn’t take up much room, and it just means that you don’t have to stress about where to eat, or watching out for the weather.

Your accommodation and travel is all in

One of the great advantages to buying a campervan is that it is literally your holiday accommodation on wheels. All you have to do is search for a chosen location, and off you go: your ‘hotel’ awaits.

Obviously, you have to make sure that you can park up your campervan at the chosen place you wish to visit. In a nutshell, you have full control and flexibility of when to head off, and where you adventure off to.

It means rainy trips are do-able

Unlike camping, you don’t have to constantly check the weather, and write off your trip if it’s lashing down with rain. Campervans mean you have the freedom to head off on a roadtrip regardless of the weather, because you don’t have to stand outside to set anything up.

The last thing you want to do is pitch up a tent after hours of driving, too. Luckily, with campervans, you just park up and that’s it – you’re in your little overnight home!

The only setting up that needs tackling it to plug in the electric supply and make sure that the water is all filled up.

They look super stylish

You can’t deny that campervans look striking. Some shine in vintage glory, and others look sleek and modern. I’m actually obsessed with the range of VW campervans over at Danbury Campervans at the moment. The interiors are extremely stylish and practical, and the exteriors have that quirky retro feel, yet look all shiny and brand new.

You can choose a range of versions which all differ in size, but one thing they all have in common is that they hold space for storage. So, if you go away on a trip and wish to bring a few gifts back, you can easily do so.

It goes without saying that booking a space in advance, to park your campervan up, is always advisable. Other than that, you have full flexibility to go where you want, when you want!

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