What Gifts to Buy For a New Homeowner

Moving into a new house is such a crazy time packed full of different emotions. From the excitement and nerves of owning your first home to the stress of unpacking and the lack of sleep, it can all be a bit of a whirlwind.

When the dust finally settles and you feel happy in your new home, there’s nothing better than being spoilt by your friends with beautiful gifts for your new home. But what are the best gifts to receive as a new homeowner? The following post is packed full of inspiration for the perfect gift ideas.


Gifting a new homeowner with a stunning new vase or some chic whisky glasses is always a great choice. There’s something particularly special about a delicate glass gift, as they instantly enhance a room and are precious items to any homeowner.

The beautiful glassware collection available at Buster and Punch offers a selection of key pieces that would make a lovely gift for any new homeowner. Whilst you don’t have to spend too much on a gift like this, it’s a timeless item that will get used time and time again and will fit perfectly into any decor style.

Wine Rack

You often find that a wine rack is quite far down on the list of things to buy for the kitchen, as it’s not quite as essential as the pots and pans, so gifting a wine rack is a lovely idea.

With so many different wine rack designs available you can choose a style that you think will really suit the homeowner and their new home, whether that’s opting for a particular colour, shape or material. You can even get your wine rack custom made at online specialists such as Cranville Wine Racks to ensure your gift is perfectly unique!


It’s said that having house plants helps to reduce stress, enhance productivity and create a clean, fresh atmosphere, which makes them a great gift for any homeowner.

The beauty of gifting a plant is you can trust them with a real one, or alternatively, if you don’t want to give someone the added commitment of taking care of a plant, you can gift them an artificial plant that looks just as good! Plants are an easy option as you can’t really go wrong with style, colour and so on, so take a look at your local flower shop to find a stunning Orchid or Bonzai Tree for the ideal gift.

Home Fragrance

One of the biggest trends of the year is a home fragrance. Adding a beautiful scent into your home can instantly make it warm, welcoming and personal. Neom recently launched their home fragrance range which combines a huge selection of gorgeous diffusers, candles and oils that would make an amazing gift.

If you’re unsure on which scent is best for this particular homeowner, take a look at reviews and find out which is best for certain rooms. You may find that certain scents are suited to different rooms.

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