What Are Adhesives? Here are the Top 5 Uses of Adhesives

Adhesives are chemical substances which are used to join surfaces together. Essentially, adhesives are sticky materials used in bonding, fastening, or gluing surfaces that we always need to have to hand.

In this post, we look at the five top uses of adhesives and why we need them for those DIY practices, and daily life!

Most Common Uses of Adhesives

Here are five uses of adhesives you need to know:

  • Woodworking projects
  • Mending damaged items
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Sealing Agent
  • Construction & General Use

Woodworking Projects

Many carpenters and woodworkers use adhesives in their projects. An adhesive used in carpentry to hold pieces of wood together is yellow wood glue. Water-based and made of vinyl acetate, yellow wood glue is perfect for joinery projects as it sets quickly.

Epoxy resin is another adhesive used for carpentry. Compared to regular wood glue, epoxy provides stronger protection for wooden surfaces.

Adhesives used for carpentry and woodworking come in various forms. Some have waterproof qualities that make them suitable for use on outdoor furniture. Then there are those that are non-water-resistant and are only good for indoor use.

Mending Damaged Items

With the right adhesive, you can join pieces of damaged items together. For instance, you can use epoxy to join damaged chinaware or ceramic objects in the household. Also, you can use adhesives to mend torn clothing items, particularly those made of leather.

Even shoes and other household items will benefit from application of adhesives. With quality adhesives, you can save money when you need to fix damaged items.

Automotive Manufacturing

Did you know that adhesives are used in vehicle manufacturing? Many automakers use adhesives while making their vehicles. In particular, structural adhesives are used to join automotive parts that make up the car. A notable benefit of using adhesives in car making is that it reduces vehicle weight and increases safety.

Uses of adhesive in automobile manufacturing include:

  • Bonding racks and structures
  • Bonding vehicle cabin
  • Bonding elements of car equipment
  • Bonding side panels in car

Sealing Agent

Some adhesives can be used as sealants that can prevent oxidation or corrosion. Such types of adhesives must be water-resistant to be fully effective. When used on metal, sealing adhesives will preemptively stop rusting and maintain structural integrity of components.

You can even use an adhesive to coat a surface to shield it from the effects of moisture and chemicals. For example, some people apply epoxy to wooden surfaces that come into contact with water frequently.

Construction & General Use

Adhesives are vital to the construction industry, with many contractors, handymen, and homeowners finding the product indispensable during building and renovations. Flooring installation (floor tiles, wooden floors, etc) require adhesives. Similarly, installing pre-fabricated panels on your home requires that you apply adhesives to the surface so the panels can bond properly.

Other general uses of adhesives include office and stationery use. Say, you wrote a letter to your suppliers, you’ll need to glue the envelope before posting. Another example is when you’re packaging something like a carton. You can apply an adhesive to prevent the package from spilling its contents.

Whether you are fixing leather, installing floor tiles, or fastening machine parts, adhesives are versatile and durable fasteners for a wide range of projects.

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