Upgrading Your Home Quality-Of-Life Is Simpler Than It Seems

Our homes are extensions of our personalities. If you do not feel this way, you may not have experienced the wonder and beauty of having a home that is perfected for you and perhaps the person you may live with.

No matter if you have a studio flat in a city, a small apartment, a large apartment, a penthouse or your own first home, upgrading your quality of life within this interior space is simpler than it seems.

Knowing this can help you flex your personal sense of design and your shopaholic tendencies and arrange this space in the best manner possible. Of course, we in no way mean to imply this is a skill lost on you in the first place, but like anything that matters, considered advice can only help, not hinder, and you are always free to throw out the advice that may not apply to you.

That being said, let us consider how to upgrade your home quality of life with a careful application. It may lead to a more beautiful conclusion that you are aware of. Please, consider the following:

Decorate With Items You Love

A great step forward in any decorative home effort is to bring in the items that you love, rather than the items you feel you should have. Anyone can tie a space together in a manner that resembles an IKEA showroom or magazine display setup, but decorating with things that have importance to you can never be replicated or copied.

It’s the difference between heading to the local home furnishings store for everything you purchase and sitting back to print out your travel photos in high quality, framing them along a wall, painting your own mural, allowing your sporting achievements to show, or placing that blanket your auntie knitted you as a throw for your sofa.

We are not here to make value judgements about how you decorate your property, of course. Despite ridicule online, the ‘live, love, laugh’ set of ornamental words hold solid and sincere advice, and should not be thrown out simply because you fear mockery. What matters to you may not matter to someone else, and that’s okay. However, if simply purchasing an odd statue of something you’re not fond of, or placing an ornament passed down to you that you would rather not show are all valid methods of crafting the home space you love. 

But remember – often, the personal items have the most value within any space.

Your Morning

A great measure of considering your home quality-of-life is to consider how you spend your mornings within it. This is the time where you greet your day, where your senses are refreshed if still a little cloudy and tired, and you have the chance to meet the world with hope and optimism, even in the depths of winter.

How does your morning progress when you wake up? Do you have a comfortable place to sit and eat your morning oats, a great bean to cup coffee machine to help you wake into the morning smoothly and reliably, and a warmed towel rack that helps you get out of the shower in the midst of winter without even a grimace?

It’s these little comforts and utilities that can often make the morning experience so much more comfortable. Purchasing cheap voice assistants such as the Amazon echo dot around the house (or those you prefer) can help you schedule your day with your voice without having to open your laptop or computer.

Looking for design inspiration for certain home implements, such as a stand that allows for as many hat and coat stands as you would like can be important. Overall, considering what your morning is, how that is liable to change or what little conveniences you are missing can help you apply yourself to a more loving and confident solution. After all, if your home isn’t a space that works for you – who else is it working for?

Your Ambient Soundtrack

It’s important to consider how the role of music in your life, and particularly in your home, can be so important. Integrating your voice assistants or speaker systems with your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, or simply for a new playlist, that day can truly help your ambient morning, daytime or evening take on a new hue.

You may love relaxing to the sultry tones of smooth jazz or playlists such as Ambient Relaxation may help you gain comfort and inner silence during your meditation process. With some features such as those offered by Sonos, you may be able to set up a system where different music plays in each room as soon as you enter.

This may be overkill for some people, but if you find that your home is silent most of the time, finding a nicer speaker system and implementing some loving music can add an ambience you may not have realized you needed.

Guest Considerations

Considering what you may do in the event of inviting guests around can help you design your home not just for one or two, but for more. It may be as simple as investing in any extra couple of chairs for your humble circular dining table, stools for your kitchen counter, and a pull-out bed.

Additionally, considering how you may keep them protected from the smell of wet dog or bad ventilation sleeping in a room you usually do not spend time in at night can be important. For example, an air purifier can be an inexpensive means of ridding a room of odours or helping it become just a little more breathable.

For those living in a humble studio flat, sometimes ensuring extra glasses, extra cutlery and other normal living considerations may be important ahead of time, because there’s no shame in admitting how you’re just getting set up professionally. It’s these measures that can help you become every bit the loving host you deserve to be.


No matter how much or how limited the amount of green space you have to work with, landscaping whatever you have (even if this simple means adding a herb garden and a few hanging baskets atop your balcony door frame) can help you enjoy a little green peace in your home. 

Upgrading the curb appeal may include replacing the mailbox, repainting the front door, or placing some windchimes there for calming and comforting ambient sounds. If you have a front lawn, then purchasing some lovely furniture you can sit on during the evenings with a tea in hand and a book in the other can grant you some true beauty.

It’s these quieter moments of enjoying our properties that can often last the longest and make the strongest impression. There is no shame in wanting this for yourself and to enjoy focusing on it. After all, if you do not have time to enjoy your space at all, what would be the purpose of refining it or upgrading it at all?

Often the green space we have can be the last thing on our mind, particularly as we enter into the colder months. But do not forgo it completely, there’s a lot of loving consideration here that can help you enjoy the best extension of your creativity.

With this advice, you are sure to upgrade your home quality of life with less of an investment than you might think, both in terms of financial and hourly value. And yet, with a little care, your home can reflect you more than ever.

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