Trying The Tie Dye T-Shirt Trend

When lockdown kicked in and the tie dye at home craze kicked in, I was kinda adamant not to jump on it. I’ve never been too great at doing tie-dye myself, and I could just picture things getting very messy at home, me surrounding by various dyes and old t-shirts!

Then, after seeing lots of people on social media rocking some beautiful tie dye items during Summer, I decided to finally experiment myself with the trend – although not with a home-made-version!

The t-shirt I’m wearing in this blog post is from Femme Luxe Finery, which I found in the T shirts category on their site after scrolling for their loose fitting, tie dye styles. It’s the Lilac Oversized T Shirt with a soft, pastel coloured tie dye print – perfect for wearing with either cycling shorts or joggers.

I personally like wearing this with plain coloured cycling shorts, like these black ones, and a pair of chunky sole trainers. It’s a roomy, comfy t-shirt perfect for wearing in the house or on lazy days in the garden – seeing as I’m still not really venturing out very far these days!

The beauty of wearing tie-dye is that it’s meant to be a fresh. fun and fashionable trend, so you don;t have to take your look too seriously. You can mix and match with colours and textures if you like, and even go a little hippy with how you style it up.

I can see this cute t-shirt looking fabulous with cut off denim shorts too, or white skinny jeans.

On the bottom photo, I’ve teamed the t-shirt up with some comfy white joggers also from Femme Luxe Finery – an ideal look for being lazy round the house while still in-keeping with the latest trends!

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