Trends: The Rise In Subscription Boxes

As the subscription box trend rises, here is a question I hear a lot: What is a subscription box and which one should I choose?

Subscription boxes are niche products that customers pay to send recurringly. There are almost no limitations to what a subscription box offers.

A subscription box can be for almost anything these days, my experience with them has mainly been within the beauty industry, where you can receive a box each month filled with beauty surprised.

However, subscription box items can range from so many other categories too. Jewellery, dog treats gym gear, food and wine etc. With so many to chose from ranging across multiple industries, the decision stage can be tedious and a bit confusing for some.

If you’re not too familiar with them, some of the big ones that exploded over the years include Birchbox, which sells beauty products for women, Blue Apron and Home Chef which deliver a box of ingredients for a complete meal that you cook at home, and of course, Dollar Shave Club which sells men’s shaving products.

There’s a gap here for a fashion one, I can’t help but think…

My personal favourite ones include beauty boxes and wine boxes. Yes – what can be more enjoyable than two surprise bottles of wine on your doorstep each month?

To help in choosing the right subscription box, has created this flowchart below. The flowchart will take you through many of the top subscription boxes based in the United States.

I have a lot of readers based in the USA, and as this trend is growing rapidly over there, I thought it would be nice to share this with you to give some inspiration.

Are you interested in learning more about subscription boxes? Then take a look.

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