Travelling: Why It’s an Important Part of Millennials Lifestyle

If we talk about the average trips that millennials take in a year, then it usually sits around five trips a year. And if millennials were provided more income, they would be travelling even more.

The reason that most younger people, aged from 18-15, love travelling so much and always want to head off is because there are so many reasons why they need a distraction. Jobs, exams, boredom… the distractions and experiences that travelling provides can present them with a really calming environment, and brings them peace of mind. 

Almost every millennial has an active Instagram account, and there’s no denying they love to share their travel diaries on their pages. Plus, through Instagram, people see a lot of new destinations and places worth visiting, which gives them an even bigger taste of wanderlust.

So if you’re a millennial and have that travel bug, or have wondered if you should really invest in more travel, then it might be worth taking a little read below. Travel is brilliant for the mind and soul, it can allow you to meet new people, bring along new experiences and inspirations, enrich the mind, and ultimately, teach some life long lessons.

These are the some of the reasons why millennials are travelling more than any generation, and more than ever before:

For the gram: 

Instagram has become the biggest influence for people. Every person dreams of their Instagram page to be filled with rows of good memories that their followers will look at in admiration. People like to put their lifestyle on social media and show people how happy they are and how much fun they are having in their life. Yes, it’s definitely a little ‘showy’, but it’s the direction a lot of today’s younger generation are moving in. Plus, an Instagram feed makes a great photo diary, so if you’re going to visit some fabulous places, you really do want to show it off!

People are also super keen to keep making travel vlogs when they go somewhere, or they pop videos live on their Instagram live stream to show people the same view through their phones (or via stories). This has become a trend, and one that’s going to stick around for a while seeing as people’s social media addictions are only going to grow!


Millennials are more often taking up jobs that make them feel more stressed out and anxious, so they are often in need of more breaks and holidays to escape their busy minds. Today’s jobs are becoming more 24/7 and more stressful than ever before, which has led to a surge in staycations and spa breaks too.

You’ll find more younger people now are spending their disposable income on lavish spa breaks and countryside lodges, along with city breaks or weekends in Europe just to get away and clear their minds.

For a better lifestyle:

Millennials are investing their spare time going on trips and travels in a bid to improve their lifestyles. They want to see more sights, they want to ‘live the dream’, and they want to be free to do what they like.

Our younger generation are more independent than ever before, and the thoughts of being wherever in the world or country they choose to be, living it up, relaxing or partying, makes them feel more independent. When travelling either alone or with friends, they can take road trips with the windows down and loud music on, they can experiment with the different types of vape, and they can learn languages and meet new locals in any chosen location. 

The best thing about this is that today’s younger generation are actually making it become a ‘job’. They put travel vlogs on Instagram and YouTube, which helps them make money and helps people find out the places they are sharing, building up online fans and communities. There are so many people who have successfully made a living out of travel vlogging and being a travel influencer, that no wonder more and more people are giving it a go!

For the thrill:

Many people’s jobs and lives these days can get quite monotonous and boring, which leads a lot of youths to consider travelling. There are so many opportunities at our fingertips these days, be it festivals abroad or in the UK, hostels at reduced rates, spa breaks, glamping trips, road trips, one way tickets at reduced prices… it’s no wonder people decided to break off from their stressful lives and invest in travelling. Money is becoming spent on experiences over material things, and travel is the biggest area to boom.

Of course, COVID has put a halt on many people’s plans, but it will come back. And as soon as the world is a safer place to explore, and travel becomes back in business again, it’s going to become more important and more vital than it ever was before…

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