Travel: What to look for in a luxury hotel in Jakarta

When planning a vacation in Jakarta, one of the most important factors to consider is where you plan to stay while on vacation. For most people, the cost is mostly the determining factor since the cost has to fit into your holiday budget. Even so, when choosing a hotel in Jakarta, the cost should not be your only worry.

There are numerous luxury hotels to choose from, the hotel central Jakarta is a good example of a luxury hotel in Jakarta. Most of them charge the same for different room categories.

Here are the other factors you need to consider before you settle for a hotel in your holiday destination.

Your budget

This is the first factor you need to consider. How much you intend to spend on your hotel accommodation will determine the hotel you pick for your stay. There are numerous luxury hotels you can pick from based on your budget with all of them offering a different experience to you.


This plays a very important role for travelers. If you are traveling for business, you will need a location that is convenient and accessible. For sightseeing and vacations, a beach location with an amazing view may be your priority. For relaxing vacations, a location that is remote and in a scenic environment is more ideal.


If you will be driving to your hotel by car, you will need to find a luxury hotel with ample parking options. Once you circle down on hotels that offer parking spaces, you need to consider how much their valet service or parking service costs. Security is also an important aspect to consider when looking for parking availability. You want to park your car somewhere safe. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with theft cases when on holiday, especially if you are using a car rental.

Extra charges

Luxury hotels offer numerous amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable and pleasurable. However, some hotels will charge extra for some of the amenities. For instance, some hotels will charge extra for internet access. If these amenities are beyond your budget, you will want to consider finding a hotel with all-inclusive rates for amenities.

Star rating

Based on the category a hotel falls into, it will be rated using stars. The higher the number of stars the better the quality of service and facility to expect. Most luxury hotels are 5-star hotels. You can use this star rating to compare different hotels in Jakarta before you can determine which one offers the best facilities for your needs.

Complimentary meals

Whether or not your meals are included in the hotel charges can make a huge difference in your budget. Most hotels will include breakfast in the daily room charge but all other meals have to be paid for separately. There are also hotels that offer full board options which means all meals are catered for. Before settling for half board, consider checking other hotels for better deals.

Pet Restrictions

If you are a pet lover, you need a hotel that will accommodate you and your pet. Once you find a pet-friendly dog, you need to check whether the hotel charges extra for cleaning and facilities they avail for pets both indoors and outdoors.

Family friendliness

This is important for people traveling with their family, especially small children. Most family friendly hotels will offer extra perks for people traveling with their kids. Some of these perks the hotels offer include optional cribs, room refrigerator, a play area and recreation area. Also, some hotels will give discounts for kids and even onsite babysitting among other perks.

Hotel reviews

When picking a hotel, one of the best way to learn about their service and what to expect is by reading reviews from previous clients. There are numerous websites dedicated to reviewing hotels and thus such information is not hard to come by. A simple search will give you all the information you need on different luxury hotels in Jakarta.


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