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I had the sad realisation today that I have been back in England for just under two months…where on Earth has the time gone? This time two months ago I was relaxing in Bali, preparing for a trip to Singapore before leaving to persue the British life again.

After 8 months in Australia, and a little stint of travelling, I’m fully settled back into Britain, with my new job, apartment and car, left with millions of magnificent memories of life down under!


I struggled immensely with wifi and laptop access whilst travelling, so I have put together a little guide to Bali, two months too late! If you ever get the chance to go, then I recommend you go. It was the first time I had travelled anywhere on my own and it was an eye opening experience for me, such a different way of life…

Top 5 Things To Do In Bali- Seminyak

1. Stay in Seminyak Close To The Beach

It completely depends what your situation is when you are visiting Bali. For me, I was leaving Australia and travelling back to England completely alone, and it was the first time I had travelling on my own before. I’m 28, and had been told to stay away from Kuta unless I wanted a rough-around-the-edges Malia style trip, which I didn’t, so the ideal location for me was to go to Seminyak.

Seminyak is beautiful, although as it is filled with locals, it reflects the poor lifestyle the Balinese have. The roads are filled with motorbikes and taxis constantly beeping, and the pavements and roads are poorly looked after, so bare this in mind if you are going as a family with elderley or children. However, if you step away from the roads and head towards the beach lined front, you will find a stunning beach with 5 star hotels and beach clubs all surrounding the sea.

You still get the locals begging on the beach, but it’s the same as what you would experience in any Asian country, and the way they try to sell is just them making a living.


Seminyak is not only filled with bars, restaurantes and coffee shops, but it is also home to a Seminyak Square which is a fantastic market, great for grabbing bargains. The square them leads to rows and rows of unique, quirky fashion and interior shops. Who knew Seminyak was a shoppers paradise?

2. Visit Ku De Ta and Potatoe Head Beach Clubs

If, like myself, you weren’t lucky enough to stay in one of the 5 star hotels at the beach, then don’t worry, you can still send the day at the Beach Clubs and use all the facilities as if it’s infront of your own hotel! Potatoe Head and Ku De Ta are by far the nicest one’s I have visited, with comfy double bed style sun loungers, round the clock waiter service, swimming pools, bars and palm trees, giving you the most luxury experience.

Potato Head is the most ‘special’, however a $50 minimum spend is required if you wish to take use of the sun lounger beds. This is definitely worth it if you are going to spend the whole day there, as the pool is amazing, the food and drinks are devine, and you are in the best position for the sunset. Ku De Ta is also very good and there is no minimum spend, so it just depends on your budget. You must visit these!

bali bali

3. Sip local coffee at Revolver

Not much else to be said about this other than to hunt down the two Revolver coffee shops in Seminyak for the ‘cutest’ coffee experience. Known to be the best coffee in the area, the staff are friendly and prices are reasonable, along with tasty home made snacks. I regularly came here for their fantastic soya lattes.


4. Watch the sunset at Seminyak Beach

It’s so lovely to see all the local Balinese families all gather together for the sunset. Doesn’t matter what day it is, whether it be during the week or weekend, they all head down with their Bintang beer and buy ice creams from the beach sellers and watch the breath-taking sunset. Seminyak is known to have the best spots for watching this.

The Balinese are incredibly family orientated and it is so nice to watch them all take time out to have family time on the beach.

5. Take a trip to Ubud

There is so much to do outside of Seminyak, and I only had time to see Kuta and Ubud. However if I was to recommend, I would venture to Ubud into the land of quaint cafes, yoga, spa hotels and the monkey forest! It’s a pretty little part of Bali, with streets lined with spa hotels where looking after your well-being is key to them. The monkey forest is one of the main attractions to Ubud and one of the most fun – you can feed the wild monkeys bananas and let them climb all over you!

But be warned, I rested my bag on the floor for one second to have a cheeky monkey come and run into my bag trying to take my iPhone. Apparently this is really common, so beware!

Enjoy your trip and feel free to email me for any advice!

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