Transforming your Home: Could an Open-Plan Approach Be a Real Game-Changer?

Does your home need more space? Do you long for an open-plan look but have large obstacles to overcome on the main floor? If you could ensure the basement would remain dry, could it be finished into a lovely open-plan space for family and guest use? There are waterproofing companies that can reclaim basement space for families to use as family rooms and guest accommodations. When a family is planning to achieve a more open look for their home, they should include possible basement remodeling in the plans.

Remodeling a Basement Into An Open space Family Room

Companies such as Helitech can look at a home’s basement space and provide plans to add waterproofing systems to make those areas candidates for additional living space for the family. They can repair foundations, fill cracks in walls, and install waterproofing systems guaranteed to keep that newly remodeled basement dry and usable. No matter where the water is coming into a basement, the right waterproofing company can find the leak and repair it.

When home remodeling planning begins, look at all the possible spaces in the home to improve and make more usable. Don’t neglect the basement area. Families with children should consider an open, airy children’s area in the newly waterproofed basement. How wonderful to reclaim some adult space without hiding away the children’s toys and games. A children’s domain with play area, entertainment site, and plenty of toy storage can be a great home addition. Plenty of comfortable seating and durable surfaces are a must.

Make the Best Use of Basement Space

If the basement is already one big space, all the better. Leave it open and spacious looking. Add windows if there are none. This space will require legal egress windows. Use furniture as room dividers that define areas without closing the space off from floor to ceiling. Don’t neglect to add a bathroom and even a food station. Adapt the plans to the available space. If the basement is small, don’t carve out space for a separate guest bedroom. Instead, use a convertible sofa or a Murphy bed for when guests are staying over.

Coordinate the Whole House Plans

When planning a home remodel based on the open-plan concept, consider the main floor and the usable basement space. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with this remodeling plan. Choose the way to accomplish your goals that involves the least tearing down of walls and construction costs. Rethink the way existing rooms are used. Get help from construction and design professionals. They could save the homeowner thousands of dollars in remodeling mistakes.

Would adding a sliding or French door to get more light and easier access to the outside living spaces? Sometimes, widening a door opening rather than ripping down the whole wall will give the room better traffic flow. Moving a door or a window can be very helpful in opening up room layout possibilities. Go slow with removing walls. Remove one wall and see what effect it has on the use of space. Maybe that one removal will be all that is needed. Removing the wall that closes in the kitchen is a good starting point.

Careful planning and optimizing the use of all the home’s available spaces can increase the usable space and feeling of spaciousness in a home.

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