Top Things To Do and Experience in Costa Rica

One of the places that has firmly been on my bucket list for many years has to be Costa Rica.

It’s a place filled with culture and experiences that I truly feel are more unique than anywhere else I have visited before. From wildlife enchanted forests to volcanoes that are still simmering, Costa Rica is a destination in my eyes that reveals only the best landscapes to experience

If you’re booked to discover Costa Rica, or just browsing the internet for travel inspiration for your next trip, I decided to share the top 5 things worth exploring in Costa Rica. This comes from various research and conversations with those who know and love the place!

So, if you’re looking for the top things to do in Costa Rica – the place which acts as a bridge between the two continents – then read on.

Explore the prettiest nature sightings

When you visit Costa Rica, you can be clambering through cloud forests one day, and walking in-between meandering valleys the next. The reason they say it’s worth exploring the nature side to the place is that a quarter of the country is protected, which means you have national parks, wildlife havens and nature in abundance.

Because Costa Rica is so rich in rainforests and jungles, there are plenty of opportunities to spend a couple of days close to some of the most incredible nature sightings. You can also venture into Arenal Volcano National Park, which is filled with hidden waterfalls and bath-warm hot springs. You can even choose to relax in the waters!

Another great place to note is Tenorio Volcano National Park – home to the waterfall of Río Celeste. Here you will be looked over on by some of the largest volcanoes, where you’ll find the park has a brilliant blue hue due to a mixture of minerals.

Take a recommended tour

If you are visiting Costa Rica for a two-three week trip, the best thing to do is to book in on a recommended tour. This way, you can let the experts take you to see the very best that Costa Rica has to offer, from adventures and safaris, to admiring the views and enjoying the hot springs heated naturally by the volcanoes in the region.

You can find out more about tours of Costa Rica here, in which the Explore Costa Rica trip is tailored towards 8-days and 7-nights of touring through San Jose, Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio National Park.

This tour in particular starts from San Jose and moves through Arenal Volcano, onto Manuel Antonio National Park and back to San Jose. The 8 days will give you a diverse look and experience of what Costa Rica life is like, while you can participate in nature walks, safaris, rafting, horseback riding to Arenal Volcano and mountain biking.

Enjoy the sealife

If you wish to take a break from trawling the jungles and rainforests, you can always head to the sea to have a go at spotting sea turtles and trying out white-water rafting

Among the many white-sand beaches, you can get lost in the fun of kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving among the deep seas of tropical fish, sea turtles and corals.

It’s also ideal to take up a little session of turtle-watching spot, in which Mangrove-packed Las Baulas National Park is your place for this. You’ll find that nesting season is between October and February, so bear this in mind. For those looking at a more thrill seeking activity, you can go white-water rafting along the winding Pacuare River – dubbed as one of the world’s best!

Explore coffee plantations

Chances are you may be a coffee lover, and if so, Costa Rica can be a coffee lovers dream. And I’m not just talking about drinking it (although that is involved of course!). Due to Costa Rica’s high altitudes and fertile soils, its highland areas surrounding San Jose and the Tilaran Mountain range are prime coffee bean-growing territory.

Why not set out for a day drip to head to the many eco-friendly coffee plantations, such as Finca Rosa Blanca, Bella Tica and El Toledo for a fine-flavoured cup of coffee? You’ll be able to see the coffee growing journey and learn all about the coffee production.

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