This Skincare Brand Takes No B.S!

I can tell that the first thing you’re wondering is what does the ‘No B.S’ stand for, right? Well, it simply means skincare without any bullshit. Or, ‘no bad stuff’ if you prefer. I guess that sounds kinder, but they both point to the same message.

So, I’ve been trialling out No B.S for a few weeks now, and have been dying to put a review together. I always like to give a skincare regime at least 2/3 weeks to work before coming to the blog, so I feel now is the right time to confidently say that I really love this brand. Like, really love them.

No B.S are a skincare brand all about simplicity and efficacy. Simplicity is what helps them to produce powerful products at an affordable cost. They don’t use any extravagant marketing, and use no middle man. In their words, they use ‘No B.S.’

Their range has been created from the back of ladies out there who want to escape toxic ingredients in their skincare, so that means the following:

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No sulfates
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No harmful petrochemicals

Plus, all the brands products are gluten free and are never tested on animals.

The brand stand by their philosophy that skin is skin, and in order for your skin to look good, it needs the tender love and care of plant-based ingredients. So the question is: what ingredients will you find in No B.S. products?

Their range of products contain the following all natural ingredients to help me kind to your skin, yet also work in their own powerful ways: Tree Tree Oil, Vitamin C, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Pomegrante, Cucumber, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and more. 

So, now that I know I’ve got the good stuff being applied to my skin, which products do I rave about the most?

Well, I have two favourites, and both for different reasons. Firstly, my very favourite is the one I’ll start with, which is the No B.S Facial Toner. The reason I’m loving this is because it’s a facial toner spray, which works to combat acne, yet it doesn’t dry my skin out like all the other toners I’ve used before.

The toner features the secret ingredient which really helps clear up my acne, which is Salicylic Acid. But this mist combines it with liquorice, green tea, cucumber and all sorts of goodness to sooth my skin at the same time.

I spray it on a cotton pad at night, and swipe it around my face after I’ve cleansed. It always picks up the traces of makeup left on my face! I truly love this and how gentle it is, whilst still keeping my breakouts at bay.

The next one is the Hyaluronic Day & Night Cream, which is incredibly fast at absorbing into my skin, plus it is super lightweight and ultra-hydrating.

It contains a unique formula of Hyaluronic Acid which quenches the skin, combined with Jojoba oil and Apricot oil for super smooth, moisturised skin. I love Hyaluronic acid, but when combined with natural ingredients which are known for their moisturising properties too, like Jojoba and Apricot, it gives the best results. Like, ultra hydrated skin which is soooo silky to touch.

The No B.S brand team their products up to make power duo’s, which work together in harmony to bring great results. So when you’re a little stuck regarding which products work well together, they really help you out by coupling together ones that compliment each other.

For example, their brilliant Vitamin C serum (which is awesome for brightening and getting rid of pigmentation) works wonderfully well with the Retinol Night Cream (a fantastic product for turning back the clock on wrinkles for a brighter, tighter complexion).

To top it all, the packaging is adorable! Bright, bold and funky, with the peace of mind that the products all feature skin loving, kind ingredients. So in other words, no bullshit!

You can check the product range out here.

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