Thinking of Getting Your ‘Teeth Done’? Here’s the Most Popular Dental Treatments Taking Over

Having what you would call a ‘perfect smile’ isn’t always about thinking you’re teeth are OK, and flashing a smile when it’s time for a photo. It’s more about how you feel when it comes to your teeth, and if you feel good about not only the look and feel of your teeth, but the health of your teeth and mouth, too.

A well-looked after mouth and set of teeth can dramatically improve your confidence. You don’t have to worry about overlapping teeth, red/sore gums, bad breath, teeth discoloration or even missing teeth.

It’s started to become the norm for people to invest heavily in their teeth, which is a massive change from how we were as a nation years ago. At one point, dragging ourselves to the dentist was a chore. But now, people are seeking private dental care outside of the usual check-ups we’re meant to have once or twice a year.

This is because cosmetic dentistry has become such a booming trend. It’s become easier to book in for cosmetic treatments which give us celebrity like smiles, with various treatments becoming more accessiable year after year.

So, if you hear people taking about how they got their ‘teeth done’, and you’ve never been happy with your own set of pearly whites (or creamy yellows), you might have an interest in exactly what this means. What treatments are the most popular? Which ones will help give you the results you desire?

Only you know your teeth hang ups, but hopefully the below list of some of the most popular dental treatments will give you some insight…

Firstly, What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry requires various highly skilled dental professionals to carry out techniques suitable for the mouth and teeth. It caters for missing teeth, whitening, broken teeth, sore gums, crooked teeth, overcrowding and all in all, making sure people can achieve that smile they always wanted.

Treatments don’t come cheap, but vary from place to place, depending on the treatment in general.

1. Veneers

Veneers are one of the oldest of today’s modern day cosmetic dental treatments. Veneers are popular because they give incredibly ‘perfect’ results, in an instance, making it possible for those with chipped or uneven looking teeth a chance to have a straight, bright white smile.

If you aren’t clued up with cosmetic dentistry, this one can seem a little bit ‘wow’. Veneers are made up of from a custom-made, delicate layer of porcelain, which is carefully placed on each tooth at the front before being secured permanently. This usually involves some filing down of the natural tooth in the first place, so the porcelain can fit naturally in place and not look too big.

It’s a procedure that requires a lot of skill, so make sure a professional dentist carries this out.

2. Teeth Whitening

There is no reason to not feel confident smiling when you know you can flash a big, bright white smile. There is just something so extremely attractive with lovely, straight smiles which represent healthy white teeth! Discoloured teeth or slight shades of yellow can indicate poor health, and it’s not something a lot of people would choose to be associated with.

Teeth are meant to be white, but not quite naturally stark white. So although it’s natural to have off-white teeth, it’s not ideal for your teeth to be discoloured and dull. You’ll find if you’re a smoker or drink a lot of coffee, tea or red wine, you’ll have seen a more rapid decline in tooth colour, brightness and clarity.

This is why teeth whitening is one of the most popular and widely used treatments across the UK and beyond. It’s a simple procedure that can immediately give you a whiter, brighter smile to represent a healthy mouth. The amount of confidence it can give someone is huge!

These whitening treatments have become safer over the years, where your dentist mixes a whitening solution which is designed to evenly coat the front surface of your teeth, without touching the gums.

3. Invisalign style treatments

A treatment which has boomed in the last ten years is Invisalign teeth straightening treatments, or other brands which work in the same way. People have grown to dislike the fixed brace, metal track style braces that sit on the teeth to move them into place. Although an effective treatment for those from teenage years right through to adulthood, many of us don’t feel confident bearing a heavy metal grin.

Invisalign – and other teeth straightening treatments that are similar – recognised this and now other an invisible option. These work as a retainer style brace which is see through and usually made from a form of strong plastic. You switch the retainer every few weeks/months so that your teeth move into a straighter position. The best thing is, you can barely see them when worn. Although they can take a little getting used to, they are fast becoming the most comfortable straightening procedure out there.

4. Dental implants

Here is one for the slightly trickier teeth problems. Dental implants are usually made from titanium and form a replacement root, which will bond together with the bone of the original root to provide support.

Usually, Dental Implants are needed to be fixed in order to support a single bridge tooth, a full or partial set of false teeth, and crowns.  

Of course, dental treatments are becoming more varied and advanced by the year, so the above is just a small snippet of the most popular ones we have today, that are also highly accessible.

I for one have had Invisalign treatment, but I haven’t yet had the others. I’m very open to having professional teeth whitening before my wedding (May 2022), so that will potentially be the next one I try!

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