Things Not To Forget When Going On Holiday

How often have you landed in a foreign country to only realise that you have forgotten something really important? No one wants to forget something when they are packing but it can be so easy to do when you have so many things to think about.

This is why we have put together a list of the things that you should try not to forget when going on holiday this year. Of course, this list can be adapted depending on where you’re going and what kind of clothes you need to pack but we have put together some of the most important things. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.


One of the most important things that you are going to need for your summer holiday if you are travelling outside of the UK is your passport. This is the document that proves you are who you say you are, and many airlines will not let you fly if you don’t have this.

Even if they did permit you to travel, there is no guarantee that the airport on the other side is going to let you in. Make sure that you have your passport with you and that you have one for all of your kids.

When considering your passport, you also need to check that it is in date Some countries require your passport to be in date for an extended period of time after you depart. Make sure to find out about this before you go as the cost of a passport renewal will outweigh the cost of losing out on your holiday.

Travel Insurance

In the UK, we are very lucky to have the NHS and do not have to pay for any accidents that happen. Around the world, this is not the same and if you are a traveller you will have to pay expensive medical bills on the spot. This is why it is very important that you have some travel insurance that you can rely on if something were to go wrong.

You can find plenty of travel insurance deals online that won’t cost too much and will cover you if anything happens.

When it comes to travel insurance, it is not just about protecting yourself from any accidents. You can also protect your trip in general in case anything goes wrong and you can protect your luggage in case it gets lost or stolen. Make sure to check your policy and include any add-ons that you think might be beneficial to you.

Airport Parking

Many of the top UK airports like Luton airport, for example, offer airport parking. If you are planning on jetting off from this airport, then you should make sure that you don’t forget to book your parking space in the long stay parking Luton Airport before you go.

What would happen if you drove your car the whole way there to find out that they didn’t have any spaces free? This would cause serious problems and would delay your holiday while you try to find somewhere to leave your car. For this reason, we suggest that you head to and book your space in the multi storey car park Luton Airport.

Even if you are not flying from Luton Airport, you should check out if your local airport offers this kind of service. Most of the UK airports will allow you to book online before you go and give you a discount if you do. Do this to save money and stress on the day.


Another thing that you should try to avoid forgetting when going on holiday this year is a travel visa. This is not needed for every destination that you will fly to, but it is very important for some. If you are travelling from the UK to the USA, then you will definitely need to get your hands on an ESTA visa issued by the government. This is really easy to do online, and it won’t cost you too much if you do it in advance of your trip.

Other countries which might require a visa include Canada, Thailand and Turkey. You can find a full list online of these countries so make sure to have a look. If you don’t have a visa, then you risk being sent straight back to the UK on the next flight. Don’t forget your visa and you will find that your trip is much less stressful.


When you are packing for your summer holiday, you need to consider much more than just your clothing and bathing suits. When you want to plug anything into the walls in your hotel room or the wall in your apartment, you might find that the socket doesn’t match the plug.

This means that you won’t be able to charge your phone, use your straighteners and much more which could cause serious problems on your trip.

This is why you need to make sure that you don’t forget to invest in some travel adaptors for your trip. These come in a few different styles and you can choose the right shape for your destination. Some adaptors are universal which can be helpful if you travel a lot and want one that will work for a variety of different locations. Don’t forget this when planning your holiday!

Travel Currency

The final thing that we think you should try to avoid forgetting when going on holiday is travel currency. You will only be able to use GBP here in the UK and so you will need to get some cash converted to the currency that is used at your destination.

If you are travelling to the USA then this will be Dollars but in Canada, it will be Canadian Dollars. Don’t get caught out when converting your money as it is usually charged and if you make a mistake then you will have to pay the charge again.

If you are planning on using your bank card when you are abroad, you should make sure to let your bank know about your plans. This way, they won’t block your card when you are trying to use it and they won’t suspect anyone is trying access your account without permission. A quick phone call will save you a lot of hassle and make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.


We know how stressful it can be when you forget something when you are going on holiday and this is why we have put together this list. Next time you have a trip coming up, you should make sure to take on board the advice that we have given you in this article.

Remember to double check your passport and its validity and get yourself a visa if you need it for your trip. You should also consider bringing some adaptors for the trip and making sure that you book your airport car parking space before you go.

If you follow our advice, you should be able to have the best possible trip. We hope that you remember everything that is important when you do!

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