Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

A bag is an accessory women love so much, because it does not just look stylish, but it is also very practical. We can put things we need and, depending on the size, we choose how many things that would be. And since we are ladies, there is always something we need.

It is nice to know we can carry everything with ourselves, from our house keys to an umbrella – and in such nice containers. Yet, there is stuff we must always think about, and it should follow us wherever we go. These simple things should always be in our bag.


The wallet is where we put our ID card, credit cards, cash and other things like vouchers, business cards or maybe even our own contact information – and this is something we cannot go anywhere without.

We never know when we will have a sudden urge to spend money, for example. A trend that is becoming more and more popular nowadays is nice-looking monogram wallet. They can look so classy and if you do not own one, maybe it is time to think about buying it. It looks so cool to have a leather wallet with the first letters of your name, or even your whole name on it.

A bottle of water

This should be your best friend, especially during those scorching summer days. We need to hydrate ourselves on a regular basis to stay healthy and good-looking. If we carry a bottle of water around, it will remind us to drink it. In Japan, they drink up to 6 glasses of water every morning, so drinking a half liter you carry in your handbag should not be a problem at all.


No one likes talking to a person with a smelly breath, so having mints or gums in your bag is a must. Even when you are not seeing anyone that specific day – you never know who you might encounter. If you have a date, mints are specifically wanted. It is a matter of personal hygiene in a way.

Hand cream and sanitizer

A lady should go nowhere without hand cream and hand sanitizer, because she knows she always needs to have her hands clean. Sometimes you’ll find that in the bathrooms of the places we visit, there is no soap (eurgh), so we can only wash our hands with water. This is not enough, because we need something that kills all the germs.

Also, after washing and cleaning our hands, it’s a good idea to put hand cream on them afterward, so they look and smell good. Also, too much antibacterial sanitiser can really dry out the hands! Hand cream is crucial during winter, but even in the summer, it is a good piece of advice to carry a hand cream with you all the time.


It would be such a disaster if you had to sneeze knowing there are no any tissues in your bag. No – your sleeve is not OK! Also, when the weather is not on our side, our nose tends to get runnier than usual. Why ask people for a tissue to borrow when you can carry your own pack in your purse?

Tampons or pads

No matter if you are a tampon or pad girl, one of these two things should always follow you around. If having no tissues would be a disaster, an even bigger one would be having no tampon or pad when you need it the most. We can be certain about every detail of our period, yet surprises can hit us when we expect it the least.

Portable charger

We live in a period when we cannot function without our phone, and so is the case with a charger. We never know what can happen and who we will have to call in the case of an emergency. For example, we or someone with us can be seriously hurt and in that case we would need an ambulance. If our phone’s battery is dead, we would feel desperate not being able to call someone we really need at that time.

Surely you can think of more things and you probably already carry more than everything mentioned in your handbag. Thank god for the invention of purses and bags, because they make our lives easier! We can have everything we need wherever we go and that is wonderful!

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