The Top Instagrammable Places in Asia

Asia offers the best of everything the world has to offer. From mountains to rivers, to valleys and the deep blue sea, there are majestic landscapes for all those with a sense of adventure.

Countries like India and Thailand welcome tourists from across the world and offer all kinds of experiences. Among those experiences comes views and scenery that you literally can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t witnessed the beauty. All you can do is capture it on camera, which still sometimes doesn’t do it full justice.

As a tech savvy nation, these Asia countries offer sights that make the ultimate Instagram photograph. It’s no wonder that most Instagram influencers are constantly travelling within Asia to find their next great shot. Instagram is a great place to gain followers and post visuals that reflect your brand and identity.

Sometimes people do these crazy challenges also on Instagram like this Bill Clinton challenge recently. But if you really want to focus on gaining more followers and start becoming a better and bigger influencer then it’s a good idea to start focusing on your feed. Asia is a good place to start looking for your next big Instagram shot. We have listed out a few places where you can go and find your next big viral Instagram photograph.


Cambodia is a very diverse country with lots of beautiful sights and sounds. There are lovely temples, religious structures, wildlife and many eco-tourism spots that have tourists coming back again and again to this country.

Some of the must visit places that make for perfect Instagram stories include Angkor Wat Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 400 kms of temples and ruins that date back to the Khmer Empire. You will probably recognize it from the Lara Croft movie.


Thailand is a beautiful tropical island country and has been a favourite for tourists from across the world for many decades now. The country has beaches, mountains and some stunning islands that one can explore and get some spectacular Instagram photos from. One can go snorkeling in the coral gardens of Mu Ko Ang Thong or go scuba diving in Koh Lipe.

The cliffs in Krabi are also worth exploring as are the sandy beaches of Hua Hin. You also don’t want to miss the full moon parties at Koh Phangan. Until recently one could check out the tropical bay from the movie The Beach but according to reports the government has decided to bar entry to tourists for the time being. If you want to check out some heritage then head to Ayutthaya where you can see temple ruins that date back to many centuries ago when it used to be the capital of Thailand.

There’s so much to see and shoot in Thailand that you should ideally take a couple of months off to explore Thailand.

When I went to Thailand, I was there for a friends wedding in Phuket for 8 days, which meant I travelled to two islands on boat trips, but didn’t get to go further afield. However, the photos I got from those 8 days were truly magical, and even when shot on an iPhone, were completely postcard perfect.


India has always been known as the land of the exotic. It’s full of mystical places, people and culture. You should definitely visit the Taj Mahal for your Instagram page as well as check out the lovely backwaters of Kerala and the beaches of Goa. A trip to India is incomplete if you don’t ride an elephant in Rajasthan and visit the golden fort of Jaisalmer all decked up like a queen or a king. It’s the perfect Instagram post ever – just make sure it’s an elephant sanctuary where the elephants are taken good care of, in which you can do some research beforehand.

There are so many other countries to visit in Asia that we could write volumes about it. If you have the time and the money, it’s best to plan a six month retreat across Asia. You will never regret it, because there honestly is so much to see an do.

A simple place to start is to browse the hashtags on Instagram for these Asian locations, which can help map out an idea of some of the stunning places worth visiting.

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