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If I’m being completely honest, I have heard of The Original Factory Shop for a long long while, but due to them being situated slightly outside of cities, I have to admit it took me some time to explore them. Based in a range of towns all across the UK, The Original Factory Shop has literally become a god send to me ever since I made my first visit the other week.

Do you love a good old bargain shop? But without all the rubbish ‘tat’? Do you like having a rummage around popular brands, and grabbing a good discount? I do for sure. Which is why I literally stocked up like crazy during my visit!

If you watch my Insta stories on Instagram, you may have seen me grace the Middlewich store for a good old Christmas shop earlier on in the month. That’s my local store, but you can check yours by using their store locator online here.

In a nutshell, The Original Factory Shop has stocked itself full with loads of amazing gifts for all of the family  this Christmas. With up to 70% off RRPs, all gifts are available right through until Christmas, with new and exciting products available each week.

So, I took myself there to get some little stocking filer style gifts for my dad, my boyfriend and my niece, and had to share with you my finds because they are just so affordable and incredible!

The Original Factory Shop literally has a huge range of great value gifts for him, her and the kids, so whoever you’re shopping for, you’ll find it. I went in thinking I would come out armed with pyjamas and slippers for myself and the whole family, but I actually got that side tracked I walked away without. Looks like another visit is needed.

Whilst getting lost in the novelty Christmas clothing, toys, fragrances and electrical items, here’s what I got:

For my boyfriend

How amazing is this? This set of 4 crystal style whisky type glasses in a box set are reduced from £79 to £10. Yes, £10! I took them out of the box to check the quality because I couldn’t quite get my head around it. But yep, perfect high quality glasses. These will look super special for those short cocktails.

I also got him a set of two knives, which he asked for instead of the fancy big sets. We use the smaller ones so much for vegetable cutting etc, that these did the trick at just £3. So there you go Martin, £13 spent on you for two high quality kitchen items!


For my Dad

My Dad asked me to get him some headphones, similar to the ones I have (I have a set of white and rose gold Philips headphones which I’m assuming he doesn’t want the rose gold colour!). Mine cost around £30 and I was planning on getting him similar, until my eyes fell onto these…

These intempo headphones which come in a black and khaki colour cost just £8, which were massively reduced. I literally snapped them up so quickly. No way is he getting a £30 pair now, as these are still a great top brand.

He’s also got a huge sweet tooth for liquorice, so I picked up this liquorice set as a little stocking filler for him. Before you say it, yes I know it’s for kids! But hey, if he likes them, then why not!

For my sister and niece

I saw all the W7 makeup palettes at The Original Factory Shop and literally was in makeup heaven, they are so cheap at around £4-£5 an eyeshadow palette. I decided to treat my sister to a little stocking filler, and got her this smokey eye one below.

I’ve been a big fan of the W7 eyeshadow palettes for a while now, and as a makeup artist myself, I stock up on these as cheaper alternatives to the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

For her little girl, my niece, I spied this fabulous weaving bracelet set, reduced to £4! However, they also had an offer on a lot of toys and games for kids, where you could get two options for just £10. How brilliant is it – it’s literally got a full set to make bracelets, hair wraps, all sorts…

I picked up a few extra bits for myself too, such as those things I always need in. Cotton wool pads for removing my makeup, makeup remover, and even a replica perfume. I tell you, I could have spent all day in there and the best but of £100, but I actually got all of the above for just over £30.

Thank you to The Original Factory Shop for giving my purse a little break this Christmas!

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