The Most Expensive Makeup Brands to Buy

Have you ever stopped to imagine the legendary shopping spree you would go on if you came into a fortune out of the blue? While we would all look to splash out on different treats, who could resist spending big on the most exclusive makeup brands like the following?

I know for me, I often browse makeup and skincare and sometimes hold off on the most expensive brands, even though I know they have some of the most quality ingredients. I just can’t justify it unless I’m feeling super flush!

If you do want to ‘invest’ in the most luxury makeup brands, then read on for the ones worth that spending spree..

Chanel Is One of the Richest and Most Exclusive Brands

This is one of the planet’s most exclusive brands, covering a huge range of accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. If you have never tried a genuinely expensive makeup brand like this, then you will discover a real treat for the senses. The company was started back in the early 20th century as the House of Chanel in Paris and, in 2018, they revealed vast profits of £1.35 billion.

Are the products from Chanel better than others that cost less? Naturally, opinion is divided over the subject of whether they are worth the extra cost, but a lot of people who can afford their makeup firmly believe that it is money well spent. You will find this brand in their own branded boutiques, as well as in the world’s most luxurious department stores.

La Praire Produces Use Gold and Caviar

The name might not be as well-known around the world as Chanel, but their products are likely to make an even bigger hole in your new fortune. How will you afford it? Well, some of the best tips to try and win the Irish lotto include betting twice a week and joining a syndicate, if you want to land on your lucky feet! You might also want to subscribe to a lotto service that means you will never need to worry about forgetting to place your bet, so it just comes out weekly/monthly for example.

Among the most interesting skincare items from this Swiss brand are the Caviar Collection and Anti-Ageing Collection. Their eyes creams and foundations are exquisitely presented and come with hefty price tags. Many celebrities believe that this firm’s use of exclusive materials like gold, platinum and caviar can help to improve their appearance, although they don’t have many traditional makeup items.

If you want the creme de la creme of premium skincare, this is the brand you need to invest in!

Yves Saint Laurent is Owned by L’Oreal and Has a Museum in Paris

L’Oreal is the biggest cosmetics company on Earth, with thousands of employees dotted across various offices and factories. They have a huge array of products at different price levels, with new lottery winners able to go right to the top of the range with exclusive lipsticks, mascaras and glow enhancer lotions.

They also have less expensive products but, if you want something that not everyone can afford, then maybe you will check out the Yves Saint Laurent line, which is also owned by the L’Oreal group. This iconic brand has a beautifully-designed selection of makeup at eye-watering prices. Even their simplest lipsticks, lip glosses and eye shadows look wonderful and cost a pretty penny. There is also a museum in Paris dedicated to the brand you can visit the next time you pop over.

No matter what else you spend your hypothetical winnings on, it is well worth taking some time to consider some of these exclusive, fabled brands. What better way is there to treat yourself to something that puts a spring in your step and adds some extra pleasure to life?

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