The Model Cloud Launches Making It Easier for Brands to Work with Models – And Vice Versa

For many years, the fashion industry has gotten used to the way it deals with photoshoots and campaigns. Let’s face it, every brand who wants to make their mark online or offline needs models for either product shots or lifestyle shots, and it’s these types of shoots which can create striking campaigns. 

The process of brands working with models goes a little something like this: brand wants to recruit models, brand goes through model agency. Brand deals with account managers and talent managers, brand pays fees to the middleman. Brand pays an overall fee (usually fairly high), brand has little or no control as to what the models earns themselves.

Of course, models rely on model agencies to get work for them, which is a key way of securing work. But what if things could be a little different? What if there was a way that brands could work with models, without having to pay pricey middleman fees, and fully understand how much the model was to get paid?

Welcome to The Model Cloud – an online service that connects verified models to clients, enabling them to book paid modelling work directly. In today’s online obsessed, digital driven world, it’s easy to see why this is simply the way forward for both models and brands to work. It’s fast, simple and no-nonsense, but overall, it’s fair.

Before I share some lovely shots from a recent model campaign that fashion brand URBAN GILT have just recently done with The Model Cloud, let’s explore the benefits:

Benefits for the model:

  • Full control over their modelling career by having the ability to put themselves forward for brands that appeal to them
  • Lower commission than industry standard
  • Non-exclusive contracts, meaning that models have the freedom to work outside of The Model Cloud platform, and can use it as they please
  • Payment within 24 hours of completing a modelling job 
  • Phone support
  • Make use of this free, no subscription platform
  • To have a shareable online portfolio
  • Access to an online calendar to update their availability
  • Searchable job board, making job hunting a little easier

Depending on what stage in a modelling career a model can be at, it can be daunting know how and where to search for jobs. By joining The Model Cloud, models can browse available jobs that clients have posted. They can make their own decision about it, and consider the rates they offer.

After a job is complete, the model has the peace of mind knowing that fast payment is made a job is completed, with only 15% commission. The model will also receive gull accounting reports so that they know exactly what they are earning.

Now let’s take a look at how brands can benefit by using The Model Cloud. I will say at this point that before I went full time as a blogger and influencer, I used to work client side in PR and marketing and was constantly working with model agencies to source talent for campaigns. It did get a little tedious, I won’t lie. The processes of sending over videos and portfolios and watching additional fee’s get added on wasn’t exactly something I enjoyed. 

Benefits for brands and clients

  • The ability to set their own rates 
  • Ability to set image rights
  • Bespoke castings
  • The knowledge that the fee goes directly to the model
  • Access to a full searchable model database
  • Simple and easy to use job creation 
  • Access to a wide selection of models

In today’s world, where most brands are relying heavily on having a visually appealing online presence and clear, concise social media platforms. This means being able to use models much more regularly to create inspiring and innovative content that shows off their products and services. And as social media only continues to grow, the demand for more model driven content is getting bigger. 

It is super easy to use. When you visit the website, you’ll find there are two options: one to apply as a model, and one to apply as a client. It’s that easy to get started!


Of course, it’s always handy to cast your eyes on a campaign that has been worked on using models sourced from The Model Cloud, which brings me to share the below images with you. These are campaign shoots from fashion brand URBAN GILT, a stylish women’s online retailer.  Take a look below to the quality of the photoshoots using professional models…

Whether you’re a model or a brand, looking to gain more modelling work or to bring on fresh faces for your upcoming campaign, head on over to The Model Cloud. A brilliant concept for both start-up and well-established brands. 

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