The Hottest Eyewear Trends of 2020/2021

The 2020 eyewear collection displays a wide array of styles and design to suit different personalities. The collection includes both fresh and experimental styles like thick rimmed oversized glasses and flat top-rim glasses with retro classics like round glasses and cat-eye frames. 

If you are someone who wants to sport retro designs without looking old-fashioned, or if you like to flaunt a contemporary and ultra-modern appeal, this is the right time to look for the perfect pair to compliment your high fashion standards. Here is a list of the top 12 trendy glasses in the UK for the autumn/fall 2020:

Oversized glasses

The coronavirus pandemic of the year clearly seems to have influenced the eyewear fashion of the season as we see more and more of oversized, face-shielding designs of glasses. Eyewear trends are gradually shifting from the mini, 90s frames to oversized frames. Experts say that huge protective frames can act as a shield against the virus to block it from reaching your eyes. 

Round glasses

Round glasses have always been in fashion since a very long time, including the last season. However, this year with added glamour of coloured thin metal rims and new innovations of transparent acetate frames, they are again ready to rage the eyewear trend of 2020. The 80s and 90s metal-rimmed glasses are in high demand these days.

Rectangular glasses

The 2020 eyewear trend is all about wearable fashion and when talking about that, we can not miss rectangular glasses for they make for a perfect understated yet elegant daily wear eye accessory. The new styles include clear frames, tortoiseshell print and thin metal rims. 

Aviator glasses

With a fancy and stylish flat top bar, aviator glasses are the easiest way to quickly amp up yoush fashion statement. Aviator glasses with thin rims in metallic colours are quite popular these days.

Transparent frames

Transparent glasses is another eyewear style that has made its place in the trending list this season. With chic and elegant glossy finishes and tints of light pastels in pink, blue, green, and peach, clear glasses make for a gorgeous eye accessory giving an ultra-modern appeal.

Geometric glasses

Extending the oversized glasses trend, geometric glasses with thick rims and interesting shapes like octagon, pentagon, hexagon, square, rectangle, and unique geometric shapes are filling the stores around the UK. Geometric glasses are also available in thin metallic rims.

Cat-eye glasses

Another classic that can never go out of style are the bold and sassy cat-eye glasses. Apart from being the most popular choice for women’s glasses, cat-eye glasses are also being introduced as rimless glasses in the new season. 

Thin rim glasses

There’s nothing more decent and elegant than a nice pair of thin rim glasses. With metal rims in shiny silver, gold and rose-gold colours, thin rim glasses can be paired with just any outfit to bring out a smart and classy look.

Statement glasses 

Statement glasses with fine details, patterns and embellishments are used as a statement piece of accessory over simple outfits. They generally come with highlighted temples, temple tips and upper rims.

Wooden frames

Wooden glasses have always been a part of eyewear collections. However, due to the impractical designs, they never made it to the trending list. This year, with added modifications of colours and material, more wearable options have been introduced into the market.

Tortoiseshell print

Tortoiseshell print is in hot trend this season. You can find it everywhere – on browline glasses, basic wayfarers, round glasses and aviators. With interesting patterns and colours, this print adds an edge to designs as basic as rectangular glasses.

Blue light glasses

With increased screen times during work from home, online schooling, and online entertainment during the lockdown, our eyes have become more vulnerable to blue light damage this year. This is the major reason for the hiked popularity of blue light glasses in 2020. Blue light blocking glasses are able to reflect back any blue rays falling on them, thus keeping them from entering our eyes.

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