The Gorgeous Stocking Filler Gift Guide For Girls

OK, I’ve been wanting to get my first proper Christmas gift guide out before November comes to an end, so no time like today! I’ll be sharing a number of gift guides over the end of November and throughout December, but this first one to kick it off is my ultimate stocking filler guide.

Because everyone needs ideas for stocking filler sized prezzies, right?

So here goes! It’s a long one, so grab a coffee, get comfy, and lets go…

Beauty gifts from BOD

20 min Mermaid Bath Prep £9.99

OK so the packaging is the first ‘wow’ you’ll get with any products fro the BOD range, which stands for Body on Demand. The metallic silver packaging of this 20 min Mermaid Bath Prep is one of my favourites though – it looks so special and premium. It’s a fair weight too!

But, that being said, it has to be as the product is heavy bath salt bag, making a fantastic addition for someone who loves a pamper.

Its the perfect solution if you have someone has a big night out or event to prep for. Or, if they you just feel like a bit of a glittery night in. Its made up of an incredible blend of bath salts, botanical extracts and beautiful fish friendly glitter, that when dissolved in a hot bath works in conjunction with your body, clearing your system of toxins and stripping out excess water from the top layer of the skin.

Here’s the best bit: although everyone experiences something a little different, one 20 min bath could help to eliminate up to 3lbs of excess water retention weight!

Complete the gift with a Mermaid Shimmer Sorbet.

Beatitude Christmas Comfort Candle, £30

Everyone appreciates a good old comforting candle, especially one that brings festive cheer, and uses essential oils. My favourite one of the season is the beatitude Christmas Comfort Candle, which creates a warming and festive ambience.

It has been expertly blended using the finest essential oils, combining soothing floral notes with uplifting citrus oils. It’s also blended with festive spicy oils to infuse your room and house with Christmas vibes! It has a 40 hours burn time and comes packaged in this lovely box.

Buckley London Jewellery Gifts

You can’t get much more special than the gift of jewellery. Especially when it’s a popular, well-loved brand that prides itself with quality jewellery and gorgeous packaging at the same time!

This year, Buckley London is one of my favourites to recommend, mainly because of their range of gifts designed to treat your most treasured family and friends.  Designed exclusively for the festive season, you can get shining silver baubles which hold a piece of jewellery inside, crackers with a piece inside, and even Christmas tree cards decorated with a pendant for a card and gift all in one.

At £12 each, you have a variety to pick from, but I’d recommend this beautiful heart charm bracelet  which comes in a cracker.

Featuring a delicate heart charm set with over 20 shimmering crystals, this silver tone mesh bracelet is the perfect token of love or friendship. It comes wrapped in a silver organza bag and contained inside a beautiful Christmas cracker style box finished with a festive metallic gold design and complete with gift tag. Bracelet is stretchable to fit any wrist size.

Aromatherapy Associates Skincare

Ladies all over the world will appreciate the gift of well-being, especially in the form of skincare. Aromatherapy inspired facial products – and body products – are usually something we don’t treat ourselves too, and instead rely on gifts to bring them into our lives.

This gentle and rich Hydrating Renewing Rose facial cleanser purifies the skin while effectively removing makeup and impurities to reveal glowing skin. Jojoba essential oil cleanses whilst precious Damask Rose keeps the skin looking healthy and radiant. The balancing properties of Geranium keep your skin hydrated and brightened.

It retails at £29 and is sure a luxury item ideal for your Mum, Sister, or best friend.

Sassy Stationary

Starting off a brand new year with shiny new stationary, notepads and diaries is pretty much ideal for most people! If gifting stationary, choose something a little bit extra and special this year. You can go for some pretty cool glittering and print designs from stationary brand Dotty About Paper, in which the selection in the photographs are from.

Dotty About Paper retail everything from desk planners and diaries, to notebooks and cards, all coming in unique and pretty designs. I LOVE this glittering gold planner – how special does it look?

Perfect stocking filler ideas for students, younger siblings, or even work colleagues.

A Face Roller

Face rollers are now ‘the thing’ when it comes to beauty, especially with everyone seeking the newest ways to stay looking young. This White Jade Face Roller by Gatineau is a fantastic device, presented in a little white Gatineau box, ideal for the beauty enthusiast women in your life.

The smooth rolling action of the White Jade Facial Roller helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and effectively massages skin and facial muscles, to help boost the elimination of toxins. It also works to firm the skin, relax wrinkles and ease tension with repeated use.

The naturally cool touch of White Jade soothes, de-puffs and tones. The more it is used, the more skin appears more even in tone and texture and clarity is improved. The occlusive effect of facial rolling allows the precious skincare ingredients of your favourite eye and face serums and creams to be trapped against your skin until they are fully absorbed.

This one costs £18 and would make a lovely treat for someones stocking!

Luxury Nail Polish Gift Sets

There is no other little luxury in life than painting your nails all pretty. The great thing about nail polishes is that they tend to be rather affordable, so you can switch up the colours on your toes and hands without spending lots of money. That’s if you paint them yourself at home, by the way. Salon nails can get quite costly!

Two of my favourite Christmas inspired sets include this MAVALA set below, and the Kure Bazaar I Love You set, too.

The three polishes in the MAVALA set above are all complementing tones, which work well in the same colour palette. The set above features deep cherry and mauve shades, presented in a gorgeous little gift box.

The set from Kure Bazaar contains three glittering Christmas shades, but the best thing to note about these polishes is that they are non toxic, luxury polishes, making a great gift for those who enjoy toxic free beauty.

Luxury, salon professional hair care

Gifting someone shampoo’s and conditioners may not seem exciting at first mention, but how many people go out and buy themselves salon professional products? Not many! Therefore, those premium, great quality brands you’ll find at the top salons are ideal to look at for buying stocking fillers.

Kerastase and Redken are two of my favourite salon brands, and more so recently I’ve been using a hydrating range from Kerastase. You can read about them in my review here.

The best thing to do is either shop online at premium beauty retailers, like lookfantastic, or pop into the salons when you next pass them when out shopping.

The Perfect V, at Harvey Nichols

OK so here is a much more unique beauty gift for women, available exclusively to Harvey Nichols. The Perfect V range has been launched, becoming the first ever luxury range of intimate pampering products. The Perfect V creates a totally new category in women’s skincare that targets the delicate bikini area, otherwise known as the ‘V’.

The brand has numerous products making up its popular multi-tasking range, formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the bikini area. The brand takes inspiration from the carefree confidence that embodies Scandinavian women.

One of the brands best-sellers is The Perfect V’s Beauty Cream – a luxurious hydrating cream that delivers radiance while improving the delicate skin’s texture. It’s a must-have for in between waxing, laser or shaving, due to its luxurious formula melting into the skin, leaving it moisturised, soft and soothed.

They also retail a Gentle Wash, a Luminizer, and a Gentle Exfoliator. Who said your lady bits shouldn’t be given the same amount of pampering and caring as other parts of your body?

Check the range out at Harvey Nichols, and you’ll also note the gorgeous, pretty packaging.

NIVEA Stocking Fillers

I recently thought about adding NIVEA products to this stocking filler list after switching up my Garnier Micellar Water (after years of use!) for the MicellAIR Skin Breathe Waterproof Micellar Water. I’ve also been using the MicellAIR Skin Breathe Face Wipes, which leave 0% product residue, and have been super happy with using them both together.

If you know a heavy makeup user, or someone who is keen to look after their skin a lot more, these could make nice little stocking fillers.

The professional makeup remover is formulated with dry oil, letting you sweep away long-lasting make-up and waterproof mascara when you soak a cotton pad. I’m talking about the ladies who use Estee Lauder Double Wear or MAC long-wearing foundations, which are heavier bases.

The lightweight formula of this Micellar water is infused with Micellar & black tea extract, to deeply cleanse and remove even the most stubborn make-up without irritation or leaving product residue on your delicate skin.

Plus, the face wipes don’t leave my skin dry and don’t make me feel guilty for using them once in a while. I’d love to open up these as a ‘two’ this Christmas! I mean, buying makeup remover and face wipes is no fun, but if someone else was to buy them us, it’s so much more enjoyable.

Missguided Perfume Sets

OK I’ve been raving about the scent of Missguided’s fragrances for a long time now (you can read my review of the Unicorn Dreams mist here), and the latest one I’m loving is the Boss Babe Eau de Parfum.  The fragrances are sweet and girly, but not sickly, if that makes sense.

Plus, all of Missguided’s fragrances come in really cool, modern bottles that look sassy as on your beauty shelf! They also currently retail ‘Babe Power’ (which I’ve recently ran out of because I went OTT with it), ‘Babe Oud’ and ‘Babe Dreams’, which I’m yet to try.

But if they are anywhere near as powerful, fresh and feminine as Boss Babe, I’m sure they’ll be winners (and I need to try them pronto!).

Which brings me to recommend this Missguided Boss Babe set, which you can spot in the above and below pic. It retails full price at £28, and feature the scent that will leave you ready to face anything the day throws at you! This one is my favourite scent yet from the brand, a fruity floral parfum which leads with notes of bergamot and pear, and accents of pistachio.

It also features rose accords with almond milk, orange blossom and magnolia, and base notes of patchouli, amber, sweet tonka, vanilla, musk and creamy sandalwood. The perfect gift set for a boss babe you might know!

W7 Cosmetic Sets

OK I have to rave about W7 cosmetics because not only are they so affordable and look absolutely gorgeous, they provide brilliant results, too.

I’ve been using the W7 palettes for a long while, and they tend to retail around the £9.95 mark and totally compete against Urban Decay’s popular palettes. Yet, they are a fraction of the price and deliver just as good results, in my own opinion anyway.

They currently have this fantastic ‘The Glam Box‘ set, which I don’t own myself but desperately love and want it! So why not treat a makeup lover to one this Christmas? It’s £24.95 and contain the following:

1 x Baby Blazin’ – The colours range from natural nudes to warms hues such as oranges and browns.

1 x Colour Me Buff – The colours range from pinky nudes to coppers and browns that are long lasting and blendable.

1 x Colour Me Nude – The colours range from pinky nudes to plummy golds that are long lasting and highly pigmented.

They have also put together some smaller, cracker style gifts, like this one below, the Massive Lashes gift set. For just £8.95 you get a stunning pink cracker with 1 x Massive Lashes Mascara, and 1 x King Kohl Eyeliner.

They do other sassy sets too, like Flirty Eyes, Nude Lips, Pink Lips, sparkle sets, lash and brush sets…. so much choice for makeup lovers! You can check out their gifts here.

And last but not least, I’m rounding this post off with the incredible TanCream – a false tan cream that offers SPF50 protection using a blend of organic sunscreens, gradual self-tanning and instant bronzing. Its a premium luxury lotion has anti-ageing properties, no odour and it doesn’t streak.

Clinicians, aestheticians, chemists, scientists, dermatologists, doctors and specialists all believe Tancream to be the product the industry has been waiting for. Having received glowing media reviews, awards, and celebrity endorsements, Tancream is on its way to going global. So if you a tan lover, pop this on your gift shopping list!

And there you go. Phew, what a list.


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