The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas 2020

OK so please don’t shout at me for mentioning the ‘C’ word when were just approaching September. Let’s think about it, it’s going to come round so much quicker than you think, and with all the uncertainty of COVID and the crazy climate we’re in, it’s best to be a little ahead when it comes to planning Christmas 2020.

This year, if you’re struggling for what to think about buying for your friends and family, there’s one key trend to keep in mind: gifts without guilt.

Sustainability and eco-friendly gifts are ideal for being generous with your loved ones, without feeling the guilt. The best thing about shopping sustainable is that there are tons of product and gift areas that fit this niche: whether they are plastic-free, sustainably-sourced, long-lasting or compostable, you won’t struggle to find gifts with a conscience. But it’s understandable to need a little bit of help or inspo!

First up, bear the following in mind:

Shop more sustainably this Christmas:

• If you can, when visiting the store vs. ordering online, think about how you travel. If you live close to the shop or shopping center you want to visit, look at walking or travelling via public transport if this is do-able. If you don’t live close, weigh-up the question of what would cover less miles, you driving to the shop or each item being delivered.

• If you prefer to shop online and it just works better for you, aim to buy gifts from as few a retailers as possible so there are less orders going out from various places.

• Be organised and ahead of time. Try not to opt for next day delivery unless you are in desperate need.

• Take your own bag with you – and re-use your bags whenever you can in general.

Now read on for a couple of starting points when it comes to ideas…

A selection of eco-friendly small gifts

If you want to pick up a few key items which could make a lovely bundle to open, think about organising a little box filled with sustainable treats. You can find lots of cute and quirky eco friendly gifts, from a tote shopping bag, fair trade tea bags, sustainable bath and body products and even a grow-your-own kit to encourage growing veggies in your garden or greenhouse.

You can of course tailor this to suit the person in question. A foodie may love a selection of glass jar coconut oil, blocks of organic dark chocolate, a small bottle of organic wine and even a vegan leather lunchbag.

Sustainable beauty bits

If you’re shopping for the ladies in your life, they will always appreciate beauty treats. Whether it’s skincare items, hair care products or new makeup, you’ll struggle to find a lady who won’t be excited to unwrap.

Look at plastic-free packaging, or you can even order re-usable, classy glass bottles that they can currently decant their products in, and keep re-using. Nothing looks smarter than sleek, tall glass bottles perched on a bathroom shelf. You can also have a look around for Earth soaps made from natural ingredients and packaged in biodegradable card, which make cute add on gifts.

The range of natural ingredient and organic beauty and skincare products available now are exploding – it’s an area brands know they need to tap into, so you won’t struggle to find these. You can also extend this and provide items perfect for people wanting to cut down on their beauty and hygiene waste, creating an essentials kit that features a bar of body soap, a shampoo bar, a loofah, bamboo toothbrushes and re-usable cotton pads and cotton buds.

Linen bags

An ideal gift for someone who is always in their or tends to wrap things up to store may appreciate a hand-printed linen bread bag, which is both practically and pretty to look at.

Instead of wrapping items like bread and baked goods in plastic, you can keep your bread in a linen bag for storing. Also, these are a great idea for picking up baked goods from a bakery. Instead of having then wrap it up in their plastic, you would simply provide your own linen bread bag to pop in your goods.

A beautiful teapot

I’m sure you tea drinkers out there have potentially heard the devastating truths about how much plastic is in our tea bags. We’re not saying quit drinking tea, but you can make a different by opting for loose leaf tea instead.

For the tea drinkers in your life, make their day by gifting them a glass jar of loose leaf tea, alongside a beautiful tea pot and a strainer which they can keep forever. Plus, tea always tastes nicer coming from a pot, the tradition and Old English way!

Bamboo Cutlery Sets

This gift is perfect to gift to those who are keen travellers, love to live life on the move, or are just wanting to be more sustainable and aware.

Look at putting together a dining set, featuring a lightweight array of utensils including bamboo knives, forks, spoons, reusable straws and cleaning brushes. Bamboo is durable and has longevity too, so although this makes a great gift for the camping types, they are suitable to use in the home, too!

A final point to think about is going digital with your Christmas cards this year. Of course, paper and card can be recycled, but you can always go that step further and send thoughtful messages via the internet. After all, it’s 2020, the year we’re all more tech-savvy then ever!

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