The Cottons Spa and Afternoon Tea Review, Knutsford

Earlier on in December, I tried out a new luxury spa day and afternoon tea experience in Cheshire, which I’ve been pretty eager to review for the blog. I’ve drove past The Cottons Hotel & Spa in Knutsford many times before, and always wondered what the place was like. I mean, Cheshire (Knutsford in particular) has a brilliant reputation for premium, high end hotels, spas, restaurants, bars etc, so I had a feeling this place was a little gem.

Knutsford is actually one of my favourite areas ever – I love the little town. I often like to head here for brunch at one of the restaurants on the main high street, or go for walks around Tatton Park, which is just beautiful.

However, a good spa day and afternoon tea experience in the area was something I wasn’t too familiar with. But when The Cottons was put forward to me, I was delighted to finally have an excuse to check this place out…

Myself and my sister were booked in for a bit of a festive pampering package at the stylish four star hotel, starting with a spa treatment session each.

We were greeted by a tranquil, relaxing spa reception, where we could help ourselves to coffees and lemon water as well little breakfast nibbles – a lovely touch. Lit by candles and a deep lavender aroma filling the air, the place felt calm and serene, making us more than appreciative to have a day of pampering and girly time ahead of us.

We got into our snuggly robes, filled out our forms, and I went in for my facial treatment.

The Cottons Spa is a Caudalie spa, which was brilliant news to my ears as I love the French skincare brand. I used to work closely with these products back in my Beauty PR days before becoming a full time blogger, so I was thrilled to be booked in for a one hour Caudalie facial.

Their Caudalie facial treatments have been developed from the unique combination of their patented grape and grapevine ingredients, with the latest skincare techniques. I went in for the anti-aging facial, which uses the Premier Cru range.

The treatment in particular is designed to lift, moisturise, smooth, plump and even the skin with cutting edge innovative techniques and products from the Premier Cru Range. The therapist gave me a full consultation first and addressed my skincare concerns with me (uneven texture, pigmentation and fine lines!) before we started. I have to say, the room was incredibly peaceful, in which I snuggled down on the bed under the thick, warm cosy towels and let the facial begin.

What I loved most about this one hour facial is that it was advanced enough to include a massage carried out using a derma roller micro-point system – the mini needle roller. When quickly rolled over the face, it causes small trauma to the skin, making tiny pin pricks over the skin to improve the penetration of active ingredients. This action stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, and it’s because of this why I’ve always been a fan of derma roller facials.

The results are said to be spectacular: wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, the skin is smoother and firmer and a radiant glow enhances the even complexion.

It was a fairly low depth needle which was moved around very quick to minimise any pain. Afterwards, I had a Premier Cru sheet mask filled with skin plumping and moisturising ingredients applied to soak into my skin.

I left my facial feeling fresh, glowing and radiant – it truly was an hour of bliss. The roller leaves your skin a little red, so I decided to keep away from the sauna and steam room for the rest of my spa day.

Once my sister was back from her back and shoulder massage, we headed to the pool area of the spa, where you can get coffee’s and other hot drinks whilst relaxing by the pool.

The highlight had to be the incredible outdoor hot tub. Is there anything in life dreamier than a steaming hot outdoor tub, in December?

We probably spent far too long in the hot tub – such a good way to spend the afternoon catching up and relaxing in the bubbling heat. I let my sister then explore the sauna and steam rooms, before we then went for a swim at The Cottons ginormous indoor swimming pool.

The spa area at this place is really lovely. Well kept, tidy and clean, with the choice of both an outdoor and indoor hot tub. I was surprised how spacious it was – a fantastic pool area if you enjoy a good swimming session.

We were booked in for our Festive Afternoon Tea at 1pm, in which we were taken through the hotel and to the stunning dining area. Whether it was because the place was adorned with twinkling fairy lights due to the festive season, or whether this place is just in general a beautiful restaurant area, it’s a real lovely place to have a spot of afternoon tea.

We enjoyed a cheeky glass of fizz before the Afternoon Tea with a festive twist came out, along with a pot of tea to have with the food. If you love a bloomin’ good selection of desserts, then this Afternoon Tea is soooo the one for you. I was literally drooling at the array of mini mince pies, stollen bites, crumbly cheesecake pots, chocolate mousse bites and macaroons.

The sandwich selection was also impressive, as rather than the same line up of triangle sandwiches, this one treated us to mini bagels, wraps and finger sandwiches filled with salmon and cream cheese, egg and watercress, ham and mustard and cheeses.

And not forgetting a warm fruit scone, with jam and cream of course…

Couldn’t fault the service, food quality, or ambiance of the dining experience. We had a quiet little table for 2 at the window, where the waiters were attentive without being over fussy, so we could enjoy our food at our own pace.

The afternoon tea offering at The Cottons comes in at £23.95, and I can promise you that you’ll leave absolutely stuffed full, potentially without even eating it all! I have to admit I felt a little bit of the cakes, and I rarely leave cake. But my gosh we were so full with having so much incredible food in front of us.

We finished the day by dipping back into the indoor jacuzzi for a final warm dip, before spending our last few minutes in the dark relaxation room.

A gorgeous hotel in a beautiful area, with attentive staff and the warmest of welcomes. I felt really comfortable here and super relaxed, and I’m overly pleased to have discovered this place, with so many people asking me for Cheshire spa recommendations often.

I would totally recommend The Cottons for a Spa and Afternoon Tea day out. From start to finish, we were looked after and never had to search for staff to show us anything or help us. The outdoor hot tub is a must, as is the Premier Cru Anti Aging Facial!

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