The Best Dress Styles for Women with Flat Chests

Different dress styles are designed to flatter different body shapes. Knowing which silhouettes work best for your flat chest can significantly influence your choices for what to wear, whether for casual outings or for formal affairs.

Check out these 10 flattering dress styles for flat-chested women:

1. Strapless Necklines

Sheer shoulders and strapless tops are best for women with flat chests. Unlike women with larger busts who may not be comfortable or may not feel secured with wearing strapless bras, flat-chested women can wear these without difficulty.

They can even go bra-less, should the need arise. Wearing traditional bras, with the straps showing through, is not recommended for these designs as it will make the ensemble look inelegant and unfashionable.

2. Sweetheart Neckline

The classic sweetheart neckline creates an illusion of volume and curves, which makes it a great choice if you want to draw attention to your bust. When you buy a red homecoming dress online at Peaches Boutique, you can find an ample collection of gorgeous dresses that feature a sweetheart neckline.  

3. High Neckline

Halter dresses with high necklines draw the attention away from the chest area and redirect interest to the shoulders and neck. This also creates an illusion of a fuller bust, which is perfect for women with flat chests but toned shoulders.

4. Off Shoulders

In the same way that high necklines can redirect the attention to your shoulders, wearing off the shoulder dresses can highlight your collarbone and your shoulders instead of your chest area. A perfect accessory for these types of dresses is flawless and glowing skin, which are sure to garner dozens of appreciation posts.

5. Deep Neckline

Plunging necklines look chic on flat-chested women. While it is designed to flaunt ample bosoms, those with smaller chests are able to stylishly pull off deep necklines. Also, unlike women with a deep cleavage, those without can accessorize with a lariat necklace and not have to deal with the jewellery resting in between their bosoms.

6. Lace Elements

Intricate lace details particularly those that adorn the upper torso create an illusion of volume in the bust area. If you find a dress that has lace details and a sweetheart neckline, then you have just found the answer to your flat chest conundrum.

7. Strategic Cuts

Dresses with open sides or strategic cuts are appropriate for women with flat chests. There is no need to worry about indecent exposures as there will only be enough to show through the cuts.

8. Embellishments and Ruffles

Just like lace details, embellishments and ruffles should be located on the upper torso. These extras will add texture to the dress. The added layers will also create an illusion of a shapelier bust. While these may be great for flat-chested women, these would be undesirable volume for women with full busts.

9. Back Features

Create a sexy but dramatic appeal by opting for a dress with a toned-down front but an intricately designed back. A backless ensemble with delicate beadwork can not only make heads turn but also take the attention off your flat chests.

10. Cinched Waists

A cinched or nipped waist can create an illusion of curves, which in turn can enhance your silhouette and help create an hourglass appearance. Dresses and tops with an empire waist can help make your bosoms appear fuller, while also covering up your midsection. In addition to a cinched waist, a mermaid dress also has a flared-out shape that can further improve your overall form.  

While these tips may help create the illusion of fuller busts, nothing beats self-confidence in making you look your best. 

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