The 5 Most Popular Swimwear Trends of 2019

You have probably heard about people not understanding the fact why women feel embarrassed when someone sees them in their underwear as opposed to their bathing suit.

Well, the fact is that it is pretty much the same, except for the fabric and the feeling. This is why it is important to pick the right one, which will make you feel comfortable for all those days at the beach or by the pool. We are bringing you some of the most popular swimwear trends for this year.

The one piece for every body type

One-piece swimsuits have made a great comeback, and now there are many designs to choose from, which makes them appropriate for any body type. The most important thing, however, is comfort, which is why solid fabrics that are not see-through are the best choice. Besides, they will last you a long time.

As for the designs, ruffles, intertwined straps, off the shoulder – the creativity will amaze you. The popular colors are bright hues which make the days at the beach even more fun. Yellow, red, or olive green are perfect for a photo shoot, and they complement each body type as well. Another popular trend seems to florals or leaves, so play with patterns and see what best suits you.

Animal print bikinis

Bikinis will never go out of style. The only thing that changes is the design and prints. This year, we have seen many animal prints incorporated into swimwear, and it does achieve a very powerful effect.

Once you get a tan, and you put on an animal print bikini, you will look like a true Amazonian goddess. Since the print can be a bit risky and challenging to wear, you can look up amazing bikinis online and get inspired or even buy them online, since the choice is sometimes bigger. A classic top and Brazilian bottoms are the perfect design for this type of bikini.

A high-waisted retro design

Retro vibes are back! And we have never been happier about our swimsuits reflecting that. High-waisted bottoms complement any body type, and they make your days by the water super comfortable. Besides, they look very stylish and can be paired up with many tops because they are versatile. If you want the true retro look, you can go for polka dots or stripes, and complete the look with a scarf on your head.

Other options you can try are trendy nudes or browns, which will look amazing and trendy when you have a tan. A twisted top with a bow in the front can look great with simple basic bottoms. Or you can choose a more interesting strappy bottom and a simpler bra top.

Bandage bikinis

One of the most popular designs in recent years has been the bandage bikini. It is a bikini that has a thick waistband that can be regular or x-shaped for a more interesting look. The top can also have thick bands that go just below your breasts.

With this bikini, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong, because you will be secure and comfortable to enjoy any water activity. Neon colors have also been popular in the last few years, so you can experiment with that, or go with the classic and stylish black and white combo.

Playing with fabrics

The fabric of a bikini can make a big difference. A trendy choice can be crinkle fabric, which is flattering for any body type because it gently follows your curves without cutting in or looking too tight. A simple detail, such as a buckle on the top, can make it look more interesting. Another choice can be ribbed fabric, which looks a bit more casual. One-piece swimsuit with a V neck in olive green with a golden belt to accentuate your waist is the perfect example of attractive, stylish and chic swimwear.

Fashion trends change each year, but some of the crucial pieces stay. The ones mentioned in this text are classics, which is why they have found their way on the list of bathing suits that are popular this year as well. And the bonus is they fit every body type. Everyone can find something they like among the above-mentioned pieces and rock their swimwear on this year’s vacation.

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