Thameen Royal Sapphire Launch and Brand Review

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Cloud23 at The Hilton Deansgate to celebrate one of my all time favourite luxury brands. If you’re in-the-know about high quality, premium fragrances, you’ll possibly know and admire Thameen.

I first was introduced to Thameen through Selfridges 1-2 years ago, and remember going to a press event with very little knowledge. However, when I saw the array of deep blue glass bottles and started experiencing the strong, intense scents, I totally ‘got it’ when people say this is a fragrance brand you don’t forget about.

From the first scent – which I think was me trying out Thameen’s ‘The Hope’ – I was blown away. See, the scents are just so unique. Nothing else smells similar. And that’s what I love the most about the brand, how the fragrances are so individual and special, making them stand out in their own right.

There is honestly nothing worse than someone guessing the scent you’re wearing, and thinking your expensive fragrance smells like something similar. With Thameen, I truly do feel that will never happen. Their scents are so incredibly personal and unique.

Right, I’ll stop raving about how special they seem, but I’m kinda trying to get it across to you how much I was blown away, without being a huge fragrance fantatic to start with.

Saying that though, thinking about why I fell in love with Thameen kinda relates to my history with fragrace. You see, my go-to scent of all time is Hot Couture by Givenchy, which is a distinctive, powerful, overly strong scent. That’s how I would describe Thameen, too. Confident, unisex, powerful scents.

As you can tell I was super excited to come along to the latest Thameen event in Manchester, held at the elegant Cloud23 bar. Before indulging in a lovely afternoon tea, we got to try out all the fragrances, in which I was introduced to Royal Sapphire – my offical new favourite!

One of the inspirations behind this scent is the Crown Jewels (from my research), which shares something key- the sapphire. I was super lucky to take home with me a bottle of Thameens newest fragrance, which led me to look into the story of the scent. I found that it is the awe-inspiring beauty and resonant depth of this precious, prodigious gemstone that makes up the inspiration for Royal Sapphire, an opulent blend of fruits, florals, and ambered woods that manages to delight and enchant all at once.

A Royal Sapphire is regal and sparkling, therefore this scent reflects this. It has a stunningly perfect top note of bergamot- sparkling, bright, sophisticated- paired with sweet, juicy mandarin.

This mouthwatering duo only increases in potency as a dynamic and lovely orange blossom-led white floral heart adds a romantic touch. There is also rich amber which blends with dry woods in the base. Overall, it’s a lively, joyful and powerful scent, captivating those who love a combination of romantic yet strong notes.

In short- Royal Sapphire is a truly unique, powerful scent that is a must for those who enjoy fruitful notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom with muskier notes of jasmine, ambergris, patchouli, moss, amber and dry wood.

If you’re reading this and feel intrigued about the full collection, the next one I would recommend is Carved Oud. Now I’m a huge fan of oud scents, and if you’re an oud fan, you’ll probably know you’re an oud fan, as many fragrances features oud.

It’s a much more ‘woody’ scent, with a slight sweet and heavenly edge to it. However, lots of people also love The Hope, so in short, you really ought to try out a scent testing session at a Selfridges store if you can. Honestly, there’s nothing to dislike about Thameen. It’s pure luxury bottled.

The prices reflect the high end of fragrance, with 50ml bottles setting you back at around £145. These are real keepsake, special fragrances, and I’m going to aim to get myself a brand new one in 2021 for preparation for my wedding.

Hey, if you can’t go all out and have a luxury, premium fragrance for your wedding day – when can you?

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