Test Your Film Knowledge With VUE’s Latest Video

Think you’re a film buff? You may need to think again. Or maybe I was just useless at spotting the answers and you’re may better with spotting little film nuggets than I am!

Vue has recently launched its ‘Get Lost’ campaign. It’s created around this fabulous little video clip which hides around 30 ‘Easter Eggs’. And by Easter Eggs (because it’s an Easter campaign!) we mean references from some of the greatest films of all time.

Watch the below video carefully put together by VUE, and you might be able to spot the ‘Easter Eggs’ (i.e, references) to these fabulous classic films which go down in cinema history. I spotted none the first time I watched it, and then one the second time, and I think I peaked at 3 on my third watch.

Think you know? Simply email hello@whatemmadid.com how many you spot, and exactly what it was and what film refernece. The winner will win x2 tickets to a VUE cinema of their choice, to watch whatever film they wish to see along with snacks!

You can watch the video here as well as above.

It’s hard, and remember, look for items that appeared in films, or settings, etc… (my attempt at a mini clue).

Good luck! Competition ends Friday 31st January in which I will reveal the winner.

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