Streetwear Basics For Women

The streetwear trend has exploded recently, with streetwear outfits for men and women appearing all over Instagram and Pinterest.

If you want to explore this trend, invest in the right basics from a site like to start your streetwear wardrobe the right way. 

Read on for some tips around streetwear styling for other key areas:


The right shoes are a huge part of the streetwear look. Many streetwear fans start as sneakerheads, so invest in a few pairs of great sneakers.

Brand names matter, so choose iconic styles like Vans or Nike Air Jordans. Converse are great options too. Get a few different styles so you can get some different looks for different occasions. 


There are a different options for pants, but whatever you choose, make sure it fits you well. Joggers are a popular choice if you’re a fan of athleisure style. Well fitting jeans, especially from a brand like Levi, are a great choice too, as are slim-fitting chinos.

Don’t forget that you don’t want your pants to cover those sneakers. If they’re too long, pinroll them to show off the shoe. A pinroll is a narrow cuff on the end of the pant leg. 


You’ll need a few options for tops. For t-shirts, invest in a mix of basics and graphic options. A graphic tee or a top with a fun slogan is a great streetwear option. Flannel shirts are popular, and have the advantage of being very comfortable. Other button up styles can also work well. 

With shirts, either button them all the way up for a modern look, or wear them open over your t-shirts. Good layering is a key part of the streetwear style, so buy light pieces that can be layered up for a more interesting look. 


A good coat is important, as it’s often the only part of an outfit that people will really see. Jackets are good, but for a more warm option, a bomber jacket or a good parka is a streetwear classic. 


You can’t look right in streetwear without the right accessories. For socks, choose either a low style that sits hidden inside your sneakers, or choose something bright so the slice of sock seen between sneakers and pants creates an impact. 

Hats are a great accessory choice. Go for a classic snapback, or something a little different like a bucket hat or a beanie. The right watch is essential. Think chunky and buy from brands like Cassio, G Shock or Timex. Pair your new timepiece with some chunky gold necklaces for a classic streetwear feel. 

Carry a functional bag like a Jansport backpack or a similar style. For travel, ditch the suitcase and use a duffel bag. A satchel day is a great pick for day to day, or to add a streetwear element to your work wardrobe.

If you wear glasses, stick with solid colours. The same goes for sunglasses, from brands like RayBan. 

Remember that streetwear is about having an individual style. While certain brands are more popular, you can successfully create a great streetwear look without wearing the same things as everyone else.  

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