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Shopping is fun no matter where you’re doing it, when you’re doing it, or what you’re shopping for. One thing is true though – social shopping with company is always more fun. Although online shopping is a god send to us busy girls who have little time to dash to the shops on a Friday evening for a Saturday night out dress, it sometimes can be a little ‘lonely’ by the fact you dont always have people there with you to share opinions, or try it on with.

However, launched in April 2011, and has aimed to make the online shopping experience much more ‘social’ and fun. It’s an inter-active fashion focused social network, fused with an unique e-commerce  platform, where in-house stylists add hundreds of items per week to the website. It’s not just a place where you can purhcase your dresses, it’s a complete shopping experience covering beauty products, bags, shoes and accessories too.

The Homepage

What I personally love about is that  when you sign up as a member, the site allows you to create your favourite looks, save them and show to friends, and buy the complete outfit if you wish! You can also browse other members look idea’s, girls who have also visited the site and have created their own personal styles using the items on

The Motilo In-House Stylists

Also, coming soon to the site is real-time video, where you can shop with your friends over video. Who says shopping from your bedroom is lonely now?

I love how the site has used it’s initiative and linked it’s social shopping with everyone’s fave social netowrking site… Facebook of course! You don’t have to sign up to the site, but to make the best of Motilo’s social shopping you can log in with your facebook account and build your own personal member area using your Facebook ID…

It’s really simple to use. Just simply browse your products, and drag them into an area to create your chosen looks. Here’s some I designed myself! Can you guess I’m a girly girl?

Styling a bikini outfit for the Summer…

Styling a gorgeous maxi dress…

There’s also some little added extra’s to make your social shopping experience that bit more exciting, in the form of lovely little competitions. The current one Motilo are running is one that has sent me straight to the competition page – you can win a Mulberry bag! However, the more people that enter, the better the prize! Read more about it here, all you have to do is ‘Like’ their facebook page, and the more likes they receive, the more impressive the Mulberry bag gets!

Check out the Facebook page (and why not their Twitter too?) and make sure you enter the competition, it’s an amazing prize. I could do with a Mulberry bag in my life right now!

Good luck everyone, and enjoy the social shopping experience!

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