SkinCity Launches Own Skincare Brand – SKINCITY

Most of you know I’ve been passionate about skincare for a long long time. I had acne at the age of 15 which has never truly gone away, so it was a given for me to obsess over skin through my teens, twenties, and now my thirties.

I find that unless I’m taking Dianette – the contraceptive pill which is fantastic for skin – I will probably always break out. I have found though, that as my hormones have calmed down a little bit, how I look after my skin through diet and skincare does help to ease it.

I’m no longer taking any pills or medication that assist with acne. So it’s just me and my lifestyle, trying to battle my way through keeping my skin as clear as possible, along with looking healthy and also battling through light aging! I am 33, after all…

So that’s a little background info about me and my skin, for the ones who didn’t know already. My obsession with skincare lead me to start this blog up 10 years ago, and I still find that skincare brands and product launches are what really excite me in life.

Because of this, I’m a regular browser and shopper on many skin specialist websites, with Skincity being one of them. If you aren’t familiar with it, Skincity is an online skin clinic which prides itself with being the online destination for the best range of innovative, results-driven and professional skin care brands in the UK.

If you’re keen on professional, dermatology backed brands, you’ll find them on Skincity. They also have a team of skincare experts and therapists which provide advice, tips and help across the website. I see Skincity as an online store which attracts a loyal shopper base of those who are really passionate about skincare and want to invest in their skin health the best they can. Like me!

And now they have super exciting news: Skincity have launched their own skincare range, effectively named SKINCITY.

I was really impressed to hear the news about the launch, and also not surprised. Skincity are responsible for launching some of the most impressive, science backed skincare brands from the US into the UK (like SkinMedica), and as Skincity have an extensive number of skincare specialists on board, their own professional range was an ideal next step.

The range is created in Sweden by both dermatologists & skincare experts, and it has taken 8 full years of passion and determination to create. They wanted it to be of extreme high quality, which not just feels luxury to use, but really shows results.

SKINCITY is made up of 16 professional topical products, all developed and formulated by their team of experienced skin therapists and Sweden’s best skincare chemists.

Each product comes formulated with a high-quality blend of active ingredients and natural extracts to expertly care for all skin types and concerns, from acne (yay! that’s me) and dehydration to pigmentation and rosacea.

The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging. I received 5 key products to use to review the new launch, and I have to admit, I do always take note of how I feel about a brand and product from my reaction to the packaging. If I’m to love my skincare, I’ll use it everyday. It will take pride on my bathroom shelf, so I do care about how it looks. SKINCITY has hit the nail on the head with simple, clean, white and black packaging, making it a unisex choice and also fitting in with a modern aesthetic.

The products are user-friendly and clear, with easy-to-understand directions and ingredients lists. Nothing is complicated – just professional products with quality ingredients that are simple to read and understand if they are right for you.

SKINCITY have split the range into different steps, to help everyone build an effective routine. Those steps are: Cleanse, Balance, Resurface, Activate, Treat, Hydrate, Protect, Deep Treat. It’s totally up to you whether you want to stick with one or two basics, or go for a full 9 step routine.

Whether you choose to stick with the basics or want to build an expansive routine, we’ve made it easy to add a new step or two into your routine as and when you need to.

Another plus point is that all of the products are vegan, using minimal packaging which is fully recyclable.

Lets look at two of the products I’ve been focusing on a lot since I received the range last month. I’m massive on the whole ‘double cleanse’ regime, where I truly believe your skin benefits from a deep double cleanse when you wash your face in the evening – especially if you wear a lot of makeup like me!

I’ve been starting by using the Mellow Balm Cleanser, which is the pre-cleanser which removes makes up, dirt and impurities as a first step. It dissolves makeup almost instantly, which I massage into my dry skin before adding water to activate it.

Then, I follow this with the Soft Foaming Cleanser, which is their daily face wash, which lifts off all the makeup and impurities from the pre-cleanse, revealing fresher, squeaky clean skin almost instantly. This one foams up and gives a luxurious texture. I know I keep saying it, but straight after I have rinsed both cleansers off, my skin feels incredibly clean. Like, there is literally no trapped dirt or old makeup stuck in any pores or sides of my nose, for example.

After this step, I’ve been feeling confident that my complexion is truly clean. If you don’t already double cleanse, I can’t recommend it enough! It makes the perfect base for using the serums and moisturisers from the brand.

I then apply the daily face serum called First Concentrate, which I follow with either the 24 hour rich emulsion moisturiser or the 24 hour light emulsion moisturiser, depending on whether it is day or evening. As I’ve only had this range for a few weeks, I haven’t played around with them during a few seasons, but I reckon that the light emulsion will be lovely in Summer when you want to keep your skin as natural as possible, and the rich emulsion will be great for dry winter nights during the party season, when skin is dry, scaly, and feeling stripped from constant heavy makeup and removing.

I always find that if you can get your hands on a great quality serum, your skincare routine becomes easier and you see results a little faster. The First Concentrate Serum from SKINCITY skincare is especially good because it is a pretty excellent multi-tasker for all skin types – thanks to its versatile formula. I’ve found for me that it adds in moisture yet helps keep my pigmentation calmer, and kind of plumps my skin up a little, looking completely fresh.

I also love that it contains 10% Niacinamide, which is ideal for targeting everything from large pores and uneven tone to weak barrier function and inflammation, making it fine to use with my spot prone skin.

You can explore the full range here, where I’m pretty sure you’ll have no problem finding a product which suits all skin types and concerns!

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