Six by Nico Manchester, Cooking Mexico Menu Review

I have raved about the launch of Six by Nico, Manchester, so many times to pretty much whoever will listen. I did this when I travelled to Edinburgh and tried out their menu a couple of months ago, in anticipation for the Manchester launch.

And then it arrived! Situated in Spring Gardens, at the side of Hotel Gotham, Six by Nico Manchester opened. The restaurant offers what I can only describe as a unique fine dining experience, with the affordability factor.

I recently reviewed the launch of Six By Nico’s Manchester restaurant here, where I go into a lot more details about the themes for new six course menus, the fine dining quality and ambiance, and the price.

Cooking Mexico, at Six By Nico

In a nutshell, you can enjoy a six course dining session for £29, and this time around, it’s all about ‘Mexico cooking’. The Mexico menu has been launched to “encourage diners to explore different textures and flavours they may not have discovered before”, says chef Nico.

As Mexico has a vibrant street food scene, Six by Nico has created their own culinary version, capturing the culture of the bustling streets of Mexico City.

It has been created to offer a contemporary take on Mexican street food, bringing a taste of flavours and experiences to Manchester diners.

So let’s see what we can expect! And remember, this menu will run from 20th of August until the 29th of September. As the website says, ‘after this time is will never be cooked or tasted again…’

Amuse Bouche:

The first dish is a combination of Lettuce, Lime Leaf & Avocado Gazpacho, with Pico De Gallo Salsa. It is served similar to a soup starter, but a cold version rich in tangy lime and creamy avocado.

It strangely works, and this pistachio coloured bowl was full of zesty, rich flavour, making a very unique starter dish. It is also incredibly light, and doesn’t need a side order of bread to complete it.

Blow Torched Mackerel

This one was possibly the most unusual dish to taste of all six. My first thought when I bit into the pile up of watermelon and whipped creme fraiche on top of a Green Cilantro Taco, was that there was this absolutely delicious subtle sweet taste coming through, although I couldn’t describe what exactly the taste was.

This dish was like more like a work of art. The mackerel was tasty, where the salty taste combined with the sweetness of the watermelon and creaminess of the creme fraiche was just such a different dish to try, where all the flavours and textures just worked.

Fresh Burrata

Oh my gosh, can you ever get your teeth into anything more satisfying that fresh, creamy, soft Burrata? This dish was dressed with Green Chilli Salsa Verde, Cucumber Ketchup, Garden Herbs and a Green Tomato Tostada. Everything about it just tasted refreshing, very herby, and almost like a dish you would want to enjoy when sat outside. If that makes sense!

I have to say I loved this but it was a real ‘treat’ dish for me, as dairy makes my skin break out. But it was totally worth it.

Sea Bass

This dish brought a more warming, homely feel to the menu, and it reminded me of a more comforting dish to tuck into. The sea bass sat on top of a White Bean Hash, with Chorizo, Pumpkin, Squid Ink & Lemon Emulsion.

The chorizo was chunky and juicy, adding a strong, rich flavour when combined with the white bean hash. The sea bass was also cooked to perfection, making this course a truly yummy fish dish mixed with a hearty stew feel.

Pork Belly

Pork is usually my least favourite meat on a menu, unless it’s pulled, but this thick, juicy cut of pork belly actually surprised me. I thought I’d enjoy this dish the least, but eaten with Barbecued Elote, Crispy Fried Cornichon and Roasted Quince, it was a much creamier, easy-to-eat dish, full of flavour.

Chocolate Cremeux

I always get super excited for a good old dessert, and this one didn’t disappoint. I would possibly say it didn’t blow me away the same way that the dessert from ‘The Chippie’ menu did (the first menu at Six by Nicol Manchester, which was a Deep Fried Mars Bar version). That was something else.

This time around, we have Banana Ice Cream, Vanilla & Agave Gel, decorated with Candied Hazelnuts, a Chocolate Taco and Banana Crisp. The taco, crisp and hazlenut concoction was crunchy and delicious, and I feel the banana ice cream tasted a little more like sorbet rather than a full thick, creamy and sweet ice cream. This will go down well with those who enjoy a not too over-facing dessert (I’m just a sucker for naughty desserts!)

The verdict

Remember that you can swap out individual dishes for their vegetarian equivalent, which I did last time, but this time around I stuck to the main listings. It £29 for the six courses, but if you want to step it up and do the wine pairing option, it is an additional £26 (for 6 hand picked wines which compliment each dish).

I’ve dined at Six by Nico three times in total now, two of which I did the wine pairing and one without. It probably goes without saying that the wine pairing option is just phenomenal, from a glass of fizz to start to dining, to a carefully selected white, red or rose from the themed country to bring out the flavours. The dessert wines that are served with the finishing course are always my favourite every time, and the selection of Mexican wines which came out to be enjoyed along with certain dishes were so lovely to try!

It’s a real culinary experience, and yet again, I left this place feeling satisfied and happy with the fine dining experience. I’m struggling to fault this place, and I’m still strongly flying the flag for Six by Nico, swearing that it’s what Manchester has been missing all this time!

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