Single? Why Dating Local Could Be A Wise Move

I’m not single, and I’m very open about the fact that I met my fiance via online dating. This was almost 5 years ago, but I’d been dipping in and out of online dating for about 2 years before that. I wasn’t on my own. Millions of others were, and it was 100% the norm 7 years ago.

So fast forward to today – 2020 – it’s only become more advanced. You can swipe left or right to find your ideal match, use apps which highlight people you’ve passed on a daily basis, and one’s which are tailored to a certain interest area.

But let’s focus on the middle point I made there: online dating when people are near you. Let’s face it: we’re currently on lockdown. We’ve been confined to our homes for the past week or so, and it’s not going to magically lift overnight. If you’re single and looking at meeting individuals who are also eager to get back on the dating scene when all this is over, now is a great time to try and date in your local area.

A few of you may be reading this and think, OK, sounds good, but why is local so much better than seeking love in further towns or cities? Read on ladies…

It’s easier to do right now

As I mentioned, for the foreseeable months, we’re not going to be venturing too far from our homes. So when it becomes OK to start dating, how nice will it be to head off somewhere local, like a local bar or independent restaurant, and enjoy walking to these places and investing one back into local business!

That aside, it’s easier to build up conversation with those local as you can discuss your favourite places around your area, the best spots for walks, coffee, and even share ideas around which gyms to go to, or cute breakfast spots to check out.

It’s easier to do research on your dates

If someone lives local, there is a much higher chance that a friend of a friends brother’s girlfriend (etc, etc) used to know the guy you’re chatting to. That way, it is much easier to vet out the person, and find out things about them beforehand. You can zone right in to your city or country, or even as small as local town with some sites. For example, you might want to search Love Isle of Wight Singles, if you’re an Isle of White resident.

In this day and age, dating sites are super modern and safe, so there shouldn’t be much risk. However, if you are feeling dubious, trying to do your own research into the person you’ve arranged to meet is much easier to do when they are local to you.

They could show up on social media sites, so if you were talking to someone from the Isle of Wight Dating Site and felt it was the right time to organise a meetup, you could gather a few of their details and have a little search online first and as mentioned, there’s a much higher chance that someone you know knows of them (or you can at least find out if their place of work exists!).

It’s ideal for friendship and companionship

If we’re being bluntly honest, not all dates materialise into a relationship. Sometimes, we’ll meet someone online, enjoy a date or two with them, and the lovey dovey vibes or the first attraction wears off quicker than we hoped. That being said, the conversation could have been literally on fire, and it’s a shame to discard someone, even though they don’t quite set your world alight romantically.

This is where online dating can introduce you to a new world of friendship. Say you live in Bedfordshire, and are looking for Bedfordshire dating. So you go and have a visit on Love Bedfordshire Singles and start to enjoy flirty messages with a guy also from the Bedfordshire area. So you weren’t quite each others cup of tea? No worries. Why not meet up every so often for a bit of chat over lunch, or they could even become a new gym buddy or running buddy in your area, should you find you have similar interests.

You can never have too many friends, and finding solid companionship from online dating in your local area is a massive bonus. Plus, if you’re both still on dating sites and still seeking your Mr or Mrs right, you can compare ongoing dating stories! After all, that’s how you both met, so no ones gonna ‘get it’ as much as your new found friend.

It can help whittle down too much choice

As online dating is now the norm, there are millions of people you could be potentially be searching through. Where choice is good, too much choice can be a never ending nightmare.

Whittle it right now and search by location. That way, you’ll reduce your numbers of people, yet the quality of conversation should be higher. You won’t struggle to talk about things to do and hot spots around where you live. Much better than struggling for wide scale conversation, or listening to a potential date rave on about an awesome shop that’s around 300 miles away from you.

So there you have it: some valid reasons towards why dating within your local area could be a great step to take while dating during lockdown and beyond!

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