Sea Products For Your Skin: A Natural Beauty Trend For This Summer

The average woman uses 15 or more personal care products every day, which contain a combined average of 168 chemicals, based on a study. However, thanks to social media, internet blogs, and influencers, natural products have been steadily gaining popularity, particularly as far as skin care is concerned.

One particularly popular natural skin care trend is thalassotherapy – the use of sea water and ingredients for cosmetics. Using natural or organic products from the sea could change your life.

It’s not just the plants and marine life either, the sea water itself has skin benefits as well. Natural sea-based products can truly save your skin and not only are they safe for you, they’re better for the environment, and they produce the same, if not even better results!

What do You Mean Algae?

Don’t get grossed out just yet! Algae can really transform your skin, but what exactly is it? Micro-algae are tiny, single-cell algae that need a microscope to be seen and are often found in freshwater, both in the water and in the sediment. Macro-algae are larger algae-like seaweed and kelp that is visible to the naked eye.

Both these types of algae can be found in skincare and have various benefits. They’re best known for their intense hydrating capabilities.

Almost instantly after using a true algae-based product you’ll notice the skin is more hydrated, radiant, and soft to the touch. Algae is also an antioxidant, which means it prevents premature aging by blocking the skin from free radicals.

It is high in essential amino acids, proteins, and vitamins A, B, C, and E – it seriously has it all!

While all skin types will benefit from algae, people with dry skin, sensitive skin, and those who want to prevent signs of aging should definitely consider adding it to their skincare regime.

Caviar, But For Your Face, Not for Dinner

When you think of caviar, your first thought is probably the food, fish eggs. However, caviar is also an extremely effective anti-aging ingredient that can be found in many skin care products. Products that contain caviar can make the skin look brighter and younger by hydrating, firming, and helping with skin turnover.

It’s most known for keeping skin looking tight, bright, and young so it’s best for people who are worried about showing signs of aging.


Let us not forget seawater itself. Seawater naturally contains trace elements and minerals that almost identically match the concentration of these same elements and minerals found in our blood plasma. Seawater contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, sodium, and sulfur which are all minerals that our skin needs to thrive.

Keeping these minerals at the right levels in the skin is essential to keep it healthy and glowing.

Drying agents such as sulfur that are used to treat breakouts occur naturally in saltwater, so if you’re trying to get rid of stubborn blemishes, a seawater based toner or sea salt spray may be your new best friend. Experts suggest moisturizing after using a seawater based product, because while they provide many benefits, they can also be quite drying for some skin types.

Whatever Your Skin Needs, The Sea Has It

Whether your skin is dry or irritated, breaking out or getting old – there is a solution in the sea that can help.

Algae, caviar, and seawater are just some of many natural sea-based skin treatments, and while they’re amazing, if your skin needs something else, don’t be afraid to explore and see what else nature has to offer for your specific skin type.

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