Review: SIX The Musical Comes To The Lowry Manchester

I am so excited as I type this blog post: Six The Musical is coming to The Lowry, Salford Quays in Manchester, from the 3rd December 2019 and it is honestly one of the best theatre shows I have seen in a long long time!

Of course, as it’s not currently arrived at The Lowry theatre yet, I travelled to Malvern for a sneak peak of the modern day musical to watch the show before it travels North. Now I do love a good musical theatre production, however I enjoy a fun, vibrant and entertaining show, filled with talented vocals and fantastic dance routines. Six The Musical – you ticked all of those boxes.

Before I watched the show, I did the very minimum when it came to researching it, as I like to watch a performance with an open mind and with limited expectations.

Credit: Johan Persson/

I understood the basics of the storyline beforehand – that the story of Six the Musical is an unlikely one that really twists up history and brings something so unique and impressive to The Lowry.

I also found out that the production was written in just 10 days by two Cambridge undergraduates, around two years ago. Massively impressive!

The production takes on it’s 9 month tour, which Manchester is eagerly anticipating, with the touring Queens played by Lauren Drew (Catherine of Aragon), Maddison Bulleyment (Anne Boleyn), Lauren Byrne (Jane Seymour), Shekinah McFarlane (Anna of Cleves), Jodie Steele (Katherine Howard) and Athena Collins (Catherine Parr), with Alternates Jennifer Caldwell, Cassandra Lee and Harriet Watson. The cast are backed by the show’s all-female band, The Ladies in Waiting.

So, as SIX has now kicked off its nine-month UK tour visiting 33 venues until 25 July 2020, I can’t help but feel Manchester has landed super lucky with it’s December dates. Six will be at The Lowry Quays Theatre from 3 December 2019 to 5 January 2020, making it a fabulous Christmas outing for the ladies!

Credit: Johan Persson/
Credit: Johan Persson/
Credit: Johan Persson/

Now I have to be careful I don’t ruin the complete story line or give too much away, but I did feel it was right I come onto the blog and give an honest review. And firstly, I’d like to stress that you shouldn’t get bogged down in thinking this show is going to have boring bits about history. It is a complete contemporary take on a historical story, flipping it on its head and throwing in a celebration of music, dance and performance by a powerful all-female cast.

The six Tudor queens become sassy pop princesses, dressed in fantastic outfits made by the designer behind the recent Spice Girls comeback concert.

The story of SIX explores the lives of the SIX wives of Henry VIII, each one taking to the mic to tell their own personal tales via live performance songs. As each ‘wife’ gives their own remix take on their five hundred years of historical heartbreak, you can’t help but see a strong message of 21st century ‘girl boss’ vibes coming through.

Although each song is ‘new’, as in, not a cover version of any popular songs we already know, they are catchy and fantastic, and numerous tunes played around in my head on the train journey home after watching the production. I’ve also done some research into the music after the show and saw that the songs from the show have proved to be storming in the online charts when it comes to streaming, racking up 50 million streams and adding 300,000 daily. I spied that Ann Boleyn’s song ‘Don’t Lose Ur Head’ has been shared over half a billion times on the TIK TOK app. WOW!

Although the show is based on the historical story of Henry VIII, it’s much more about six fabulous women all striving to be the ‘Queen’, singing their hearts out and entertaining what was a 98% female audience (from the show I watched). It’s not to say your man wouldn’t enjoy this show, but I feel it’s the perfect girls night out theatre event, themed around Divorced. Beheaded. SURIVIVED!

As I was lucky enough to be part of the press visitors watching this show at Malvern, I watched as the cast warmed up with dance moves and practised their singing before the showed kicked off. I managed to chat to the ladies in their dressing rooms too, while carefully watching them apply their own dazzling makeup, and was genuinely made up to see how humble and polite the girls all were. It was clear to see each one had a strong passion for performance,

Credit: Johan Persson/
Credit: Johan Persson/

I don’t want to giveaway too much more about the show, but I will say that if you’re up for a night of feisty female performance, powerful vocals and fascinating fashions strutting around the stage to an incredible live band, then this show will not disappoint.

It’s a complete celebration show of female empowerment and is overall exceptionally entertaining, with so many humorous bits that I had my fair share of ‘LOL-ing’. Always a bonus.

SIX by Marlow and Moss, , Writer – Toby Marlow, Writer and Co-Director – Lucy Moss, Co-director – Jamie Armitage, Choreographer – Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, Sets – Emma Bailey, Costume Designer – Gabriella Slade, Malvern Theatres, 2019, Credit: Johan Persson/

For more information on getting hold of tickets for The Lowry Salford Quays showing, check out the website here. I’m desperate to bring my Mum and Sister for a December night out!

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