Relaxing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, leaving many of us filled with the mild panic of finding the absolutely perfect gift for the woman that gave us the greatest gift of all: life.

Our mums are usually the heart of the entire family, working tirelessly to make sure everyone is happy, fed, in clean clothes, and doing their best in life. With so much on their plate (and that’s before we even get to working mums) it’s no surprise that these amazing women often leave themselves no time to relax and unwind.

This Mother’s Day, go the extra mile for your wonderful mum by planning the day around one of these relaxing ideas for a gift that will really show her that you care and including two things she can never get enough of – quality time with you, and time to relax.  

Pampering Spa Day

A spa day is the ultimate mother’s day gift when it comes to relaxation. Pampering days often get a bad reputation as a cop-out present but there’s no mother in the world that would turn down a day filled with relaxing treatments, especially if someone else has offered to foot the bill.

To make the most of a relaxing day at the spa, pamper your mum with some treatments that will soothe away the stress of daily life, like a full-body massage or a luxurious facial. While you can find high-quality spas in most city centre locations and large hotel chains, there’s nothing like a spa in a beautiful location to really set the scene for a day of relaxing.

One such spa is the Lake District Spa, set in the world-famous national park, the spa is located at the Lodore Falls Hotel, overlooking Derwentwater. With such views and a natural setting, it would be difficult not to be relaxed on a pampering spa day here.    

Manicure and Pedicure

You or your mum too busy to take a whole day off for a trip to the spa? Then book in for a manicure and pedicure instead for a mini pampering session. Mum’s are known for being on their feet all day and looking after other people so this is a great chance to make sure their nails get some TLC and a good hand and foot massage to ease up those tense muscles.   

Breakfast in Bed

When it comes to relaxation nothing beats spending some extra time in bed, especially if you have breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee brought to you. Mum’s are usually responsible for making breakfast rather than having made and served to them. This is why breakfast in bed is not only a relaxing way to start the day but a thoughtful mother’s day gift because it gives mums the same little luxury they give the entire family each day.

After you’ve let your mum sleep and take the morning off from her usual rushing around (if she has the day off from work that is), a delicious breakfast in bed, served with a fresh cup of tea or coffee, will get mother’s day off to a relaxing start.    


Anyone who’s had a wash and blow-dry knows how relaxing the entire experience can be as you lie back and let someone else wash, dry, and style your hair for you, giving you movie star worthy locks.

Often brushed aside for more pressing salon treatments like a cut or colour, a salon blow-dry is a luxury your mum might not splurge on for herself but will be sure to appreciate. Most places now offer a ‘bubbles and blow-dry’ type of service where you can sit back, relax, and sip on some champagne while your hair gets the salon treatment.  

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