QMS MediCosmetics Facial at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

Last month, I had one of the best facials of my life, and I’ve been eager to write it up on the blog share with you ever since. After the treatment, I was kindly sent a range of products which my facial therapist recommending me to use to keep up with the results myself at home.

Therefore, I decided to wait until I had tried them out myself at home before putting this write-up together.

The treatment I received was the Sensitive Skin Rebalance facial, using a brand called QMS Medicosmetics. I wasn’t too familiar with QMS Medicosmetics and their medical grade products, but after doing some research and speaking to my therapist, Rowan, I learnt quite a lot this fantastic skincare brand.

Basically, the brand launched 25 years ago by Dr. Schulte – a leading specialist in skincare, who combines his passion for science with his vast experience whilst working as a surgeon.

He mainly worked in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Schulte sees the future of skincare as being interlinked with the development of modern technologies, used to transport the ingredients deep into the epidermal layer. They say that with every QMS Medicosmetics product, you experience powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic -not miracles.

My facial was a thorough 60 minute treatment, taking place at the spa at The Lowry Hotel. The hour facial usually retails at around £51 during the week, and £61 at the weekend for this treatment.

Firstly, the spa at The Lowry Hotel is a gorgeous, relaxing place which made me feel all all peaceful and calm. Both the rooms and reception areas are made up of open spaces with lots of white and natural light, with that modern, sophisticated feel.

Rowan – who is a top skincare expert for QMS Medicosmetics – took me through to the treatment room and carried out a full consultation, before talking me through the session.

She quickly analyzed I have a dry complexion on my cheeks, yet an oily T-Zone, with lots of congestion due to regularly experiencing acne on and off. With this in mind, she selected the products that would work to unclog my skin, refine the appearance, soften and moisturise, and help to give me that clear, clarified glow my complexion currently lacks.

Starting with a double cleanse using a milk consistency cleanser, my skin was completely deep cleansed before having a concoction of 7% glycolic and lactic acid applied as an exfoliator. This was to help remove the dead skin cells and remove any dulling build ups, plus to clear out my pores.

After, an anti inflammatory treatment was applied, before a professional exfoliate on top which works to break through the oil layers that sit on my skin, working deeper into the skin to break down the ‘glue’ that binds the dead skin cells together.

After this came one of my favourite parts – a good old deep extraction. Rowan managed to work her way through some awful congested areas around my jaw and chin areas, where blackheads and under the skin spots like to sit and annoy me. It hurts a little, but when the know all the junk is coming out, you’re more than happy to wince every now and again!

Rowan treated my skin to an Oxygen session on the areas she had carried out the extraction, before the next exciting key part: the algae mask. As you can see from the photos above, it’s a thick, heavy texture mask which actually sits over the mouth and eyes.

I thought at first this would freak me out a little, and maybe it’s not for the ones who are a little claustrophobic, but it was literally the most amazing mask!

The Algae marine mask felt cool and relaxing when applied to my face. As this mask contains hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, is works to give a huge moisture boost, plumping up the skin. I would say it has an almost instant smoothing and calming effect on the skin, easing any redness and giving that healthy glow.

When the mask for removed, I felt like my skin was given a whole new lease of life. But it didn’t stop there, my face then got treated with oxygen that is 98% pure due to a very thorough cleaning, cooling and compressing process, which was carried out all over.

The oxygen from the mask works to boost your circulation and give an instant rejuvenating effect. It felt so so nice – like a breath of fresh air shooting through my skin. We then finished with a repair complex applied to my face, including an SPF so my newly polished and treated skin could be protected from the elements.

Since leaving the salon after my QMS Medicosmetics facial, I’ve been using the Deep Cleansing cleanser, the Dermabrasive Gel, Freshening Tonic and the EpiGen Pollution Rescue Mask.

Using the Deep Cleansing product to wash my face in the evening has been lovely – you know when you genuinely get that real thorough cleansed feeling? Like, almost squeaky clean skin?

It has a milky emulsion type texture which effectively removes any impurities lying on my skin. It’s also great for giving me that decongested, purified and refined looking skin.

The Dermabrasive Gel is one of my favourites though, it’s been brilliant for fading away my pigmentation and marks from old acne. It’s an advanced combination of ingredients which work to dissolve dead skin cells, accelerate cellular regeneration, clear out blocked pores, and calm the skin., blocked pores are cleared and skin is calm.

It’s a great one for those with problematic skin, like myself, and I try to use it twice a week to keep it as clear and fresh as possible. It does cause slight tingling and a touch of redness the first few times I used it, but this has now gone, and it’s a delight to use!

The below photos show my face straight after my 1 hour facial with Rowan, using the QMS Medicosmetics products and regime. Ignore my fluffed up eyebrows!

A huge thank you to Rowan and the team at The Lowry Hotel – I posted the experience on my Insta stories and received so many comments from interested beauty enthusiasts. A fantastic treat for my skin, and would highly recommend.

Rowan will tailor the facial specifically to you, but highlights can include a fruit, lactic acid and enzymatic peel, an algae mask and use of an oxygenating machine which gets the skin looking incredibly bright 🙂

QMS are particularly renowned for their topical collagens too (the brand was developed in the 80s by German wound and cosmetic surgeon Dr Eric Schulte who concocted collagen solutions to optimise skin health both before and after procedures).

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