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Nothing goes through a harder time than my hair. I abuse it with years of  swapping between blonde and brown dyes, straighteners and heated rollers, curlers and crimpers.  ‘Abuse’ may sound like a harsh word when talking about my mane but unfortunately it fits the bill perfectly!

However, I like to share good advice so if anyone reading is on my wave length, I have found a miracle product. I’ve started using a leave-in conditioner for the past few weeks that Harvey Nichols brought to my attention. It’s by Jo Hansford, and is a ‘Protect and Shine’ leave-in conditioner spray. It’s lightweight and aims to strengthen hair, seal in moisture and reduces breakages (exactly what my hair cries out for…)

Jo Hansford Leave-In Conditioner Spray

The first thing I fell in love with was the smell, it has a fruity, almost tropical kind of scent which stays on my hair even after blowdrying. The spray contains Castanha do Brasil and sunflower seed extract, along with Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamins A and E, which are used to ensure hair is healthy, glossy and manageable. I haven’t got frizzy hair myself but it is also aimed at smoothing and taming frizzy, unruly hair.

I have used a lot of products in my time and although I have been happy with them, I haven’t had the urge to recommend. But this little god send leaves my blonde hair really shiny, detangled and smooth, it looks like I have had a conditioning treatment on my hair after using this! You can buy the product from Harvey Nichols for £16.50. If you have fine hair then it could be a good idea to use this instead of your normal condition.

A perfect treat for my hair this winter!

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