Planning to Take E-Cigarettes Through Airport Security? Read This First

Individuals across the globe fly routinely. Some men and women fly for business reasons, and other people do so for pleasure. Quite a few of these travelers made the switch to vape products and now find getting through security checkpoints in airports takes more time.

They have questions regarding what airports allow and what they prohibit regarding these devices in airports and on major airlines around the world. Can they go through security with their vape device? Will security confiscate their electronic cigarette? What limits do airlines and airports put on e-liquids used for vaping? Having these questions answered before a trip allows travelers to focus on their enjoyment of the trip rather than any problems they may encounter because of their vape habit.

Carry-On Bags

Travelers find they must carry their vape devices in a bag on the airplane. Airlines prohibit electronic cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaping devices, such as vape juices purchased at, in checked bags. When the passenger checks the bag at the plane side or gate, security will require them to remove their vaping devices and spare lithium batteries from the bag and keep them on their person in the airplane’s cabin. However, individuals might find they encounter delays at the security checkpoint when transporting these devices.

How can a traveler avoid these delays, and what must travellers know before heading to the airport?

Is Vaping Permitted in Airports?

Quite a few men and women wish to vape while waiting for their flight. In fact, many people say doing so helps to keep them calm, especially if they are nervous fliers. Some airports in the country allow smoking and vaping in dedicated areas, but this choice remains up to the specific airport in most cases. Travelers need to get this information before booking a flight, as the traveler may opt to arrive or depart from a different location that allows for smoking and vaping.

Vape Mods

To take vape juice on a trip, travelers need to ensure the liquid complies with TSA liquid regulations and that they carry only 3.4 ounces on them. The agents reject anything greater than 100ml, and the container should be this size or smaller. Many travelers opt for a 30ml bottle and place them in clear plastic, zip-lock bags. When carried this way, travels find they need not declare the e-liquid for inspection when passing through security checkpoints. Treat the liquids as any other items of this nature, including shampoo and lotion.

Place chargers and batteries with other electronics before passing through airport security. Many men and women elect to put these items in their laptop bag or briefcase. Be sure to disconnect and separate the electronic cigarette battery and atomizer before moving through a checkpoint. When an alarm sounds, pass the parts over to the TSA agent without fear, as it won’t resemble a small pipe bomb or other explosive devices.

Finally, bring a large self-addressed stamped envelope on your travels. If they confiscate the vape device or e-liquid, simply mail it to your home address. There’s no need to allow for its disposal when you can use this option.

In-Flight Use

Airlines banned tobacco use during a flight years ago. Travelers wonder if this ban extends to vape products, as there is no flame involved with their use. However, airlines also ban the use of electronic cigarettes or vape devices in flight and prohibit their charging while the flight is in progress. While the device remains with the passenger at all times, they must put it away and not use it.

The FAA allows passengers to carry their vape devices because this is safer than having loose lithium-ion batteries in the plane’s cargo hold. However, many incidents have occurred in which a vaporizer developed an issue, and these incidents usually occur when the device is charging. For this reason, the United States Department of Transportation opted to be safe rather than sorry and banned the charging of vape devices when the plane is in the air.

Passengers might assume they can sneak off to the airplane bathroom and take a few puffs. The Department of Transportation forbids this as well. Certain airlines overlook when a passenger takes a puff of their device in the terminal, but don’t assume this extends to the flight. Nobody wants problems during a flight, and many travelers equate the vapor cloud produced by these devices with conventional cigarette smoke. As a result, the TSA removes any passenger they believe will cause a disruption mid-flight as they wish to be proactive in these situations. Wait until the plane lands and you disembark before finding a spot where you can use the vape device without worry.

Empty the tank on the vape device. Cabin pressurization negatively affects the o-rings found in the tank and may lead to a leak in the vape device. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination only to learn they have e-liquid from one end of their bag to the other or a nasty spot on the outfit from where the device leaked in a pocket. Ensure the tank is empty when boarding the flight to avoid this issue.

Helpful Travel Accessories

The TSA recognizes the popularity of vaping today and has taken measures to ensure travelers know what they allow and what they ban when it comes to vape devices and products. A quality vape case becomes of great help when a person travels, as it allows the passenger to keep the device and batteries on their person. Furthermore, the case protects the device from damage and makes getting through security an easier task.

However, passengers must know the rules for both domestic and international flights and the rules of the airport from which they will be traveling and the one where they will arrive after their flight. As these rules and regulations change, never assume what they allowed in the past is permitted today. It’s always better to be cautious when traveling with a vape device to avoid issues.

Don’t hesitate to travel with e-cigarettes and vape devices. It’s simply a matter of understanding what airlines and airports allow today. When you take this time to learn this information, you can head to your destination without worry and enjoy the time you have away from home.

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