Oversize Knit Jumpers at Showpo

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that lately I’m getting a name for myself with my jumper obsession. I mean, it is Winter here in the UK after all, and I love nothing more than snuggling behind a knitted, loose fitting jumper.

Jumpers are just so versatile, right? Roll heck, high neck, batwing sleeve, fitted, oversized, jumper dress… every style and type has fast become an essential for me. And my latest jumper to add to my collection is possibly one of my favourites. Lets take a look!

This I Feel Love Oversize Knit Jumper In Mocha is from Showpo – one of my favourite brands that I discovered when I lived in Australia for a year. One thing I honestly always say is that no one does fashion like Australia – and that’s totally my opinion, I know.

I just fell in love with all their boutiques when I loved there, but even their online retailers just nailed it.

They create some beautiful items for pretty, floaty styles perfect for lazy beach days, yet keep in with the statement items for everyday wear. Work wear, evening wear, party swear, swim wear… they just seem to retail the most gorgeous lines.

Showpo was one of my faves when I lived there, and it’s sad that since being back in the UK for 5 years now, I just switched back to all the UK retailers.

Luckily, I’ve turned it around a little with this super cute outfit, where both my jumper and trousers are from Showpo (blog post dedicated to the trousers in the post here).

This fully lined jumper is made with 65% cotton and 35% and looks fab worn as it is over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, or, you can tuck it in a little and team with culottes, shorts, or wet look leggings.

I find the best way I prefer to shop at Showpo is via the ‘Whats New‘ page. But, I just hit that page this morning and found myself scrolling for around 15 minutes when I should have been starting my working day, just endlessly taking note of some lovely new items.

It’s their Summer dresses that really get me. Thank goodness we’re still in February in the UK – otherwise I’d have just thrown about 5 new styles into my basket. Dangerous…

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