Ol&Co Pendant Necklaces at Mococo

Nothing says special like stunning sterling silver jewellery, which is why I wanted to showcase to you today a brand I only recently discovered, and I’ve totally fallen in love with.

I’ve talked about my love for jewellery retail store Mococo before, who currently have a store presence and a large online presence too. I’ve returned to shop with them for their range of designer jewellery brands, such as ChloBo, Daisy London, Olivia Burton, Thomas Sabo and Oliva Burton – my favourite watch brand.

However, I’ve recently discovered a gorgeous brand which is new to me over at Mococo called Ol&Co, so lets take a peek…

Firstly, ol & co is the collaborative effort of founder Ollie Hooson and his extensive fashion forward female team. If you visit their range over at Mococo or even on the brands Instagram, you’ll find they offer dainty, meaningful pieces which bring memories and symbolism to people.

The aim behind the collections are to evoke positive emotion for people, bringing emotive moments by unique sterling silver jewellery pieces. The brand prides itself by their pieces being created to each tell their own unique and individual story.

I instantly fell in love with the range of delicate pendant necklaces, designed to be layered up and worn together.

You can, of course, wear these stunning silver chains alone. However, because they have the ability to be shorted and lengthened depending on where you clasp them shut, they look super pretty when layered up together.

I had to get the Ol&Co Sterling Silver Key Necklace – on which the brand believes is a key to unlock more doors to your life. As stated on Mococo, ‘it will lead you down paths you’ve always wished to explore. The best adventures are often the unexpected one’.

How adorable is this? I’m more than open to new paths and new doors to unlock, therefore fully fell for this necklace immediately. At £30, it’s an ideal treat for yourself, but makes even more of an incredible treat gift for a friend or loved one.

The second necklace I fell in love with is the Ol&Co Sterling Silver Wishbone Necklace. Again, as stated on the Mococo site, they said ‘we believe that this wishbone shall make your dreams come true. Never be afraid to dream big and never give up on the goals you set your sights on, for these shall always be in reach’.

Another truly inspirational and motivational piece of pretty jewellery! Perfect for gifting to someone who has big hopes and dreams.

This also retails at £30, making it an ideal gift (or treat to yourself, of course!)

As you can see from the photos above and below, I’ve teamed them both up together for a stunning little layered look. I’ve got them on with a little black sassy dress which is slightly low cut here, however, I’ll mainly be wearing these with shirts or V Neck tops, which give that slight plunging neckline for the chains to sit.

But in the meantime, I’m loving wearing them with a cute dress for an evening out this party season!

You can check out this fabulous brand plus so many more over at Mococo.


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