MyProtein Curve Leggings Review

After a few months of some absolutely diabolical gym turn outs for me, I’m trying to get back to it. I know – I say this all the time. But honestly, I’m so eager to be back into it for December, paving the way for 2020.

I’ve said it on here and over on my Instagram that what I wear to the gym has such an impact on how I perform. Ultimately, it kinda shapes how I feel when I’m heading to the gym too. Some people think that sounds a little silly, but for me, if I’m dressed in comfortable gym wear that looks stylish and suits my body shape, I just always feel that little bit more ‘ready to go’.

The latest gym piece I own which I can’t stop raving about are these MyProtein Curve Leggings – currently a best seller over the MyProtein website.

I love a pair of excellent quality high-waisted workout leggings, and when I saw that these were a high-riser pair that sculpted the body without looking thin or ‘cheap’ (which some can!) I knew I was going to love these.

They literally fit like second skin, without being too clingy and showing up every squidgy, bulgy area that us girls get conscious of. So you could say that for me the tick every box — they’re sweat-wicking, body-sculpting, high-waisted, and deliver enhanced coverage.

I have them in shade Sesame, which is quite daring for me as I only ever really wear black, grey or navy to the gym. I feel like darker shades are more flattering for me, so I was surprised when my eyes were lead to this off-beige, light grey kinda shade.

Either way, when they arrived, I just loved them. The colour, the fit, the shape, the feel and the performance. I by no means can preach to anyone about working out or how to look/feel in the gym, but I would say that I can personally preach that when I’ve got these Curve Leggings on, I feel supported with the high waistband, and almost a little ‘safe’, in the seamless design with contouring knit panels.

They retail at £32 but are currently on offer, so do check out the MyProtein website and take a look here.

*These leggings were kindly gifted to me from MyProtein

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