My Summer Evening Routine and Why I’m More Motivated During the Summer Months

I’ve always been a huge ‘routine person’, following a regimented skincare routine every morning and night, eating at set times, and winding down following the same steps most nights. But during the Winter, I get ridiculously lazy. I go to bed at all different times, I tend to stay in more which means I eat more comfort food and stay religiously glued to my laptop on the sofa, and I kinda loose a little of that motivation and determination I have for work and life goals

Come Summer, it’s like a switch has been flipped. I’m all of a sudden on it for cleaning and tidying my house constantly (dust and dirt show up more in the sunlight!), I take pride in my skin and hair, I plan out my meals and I make motivating plans throughout the day and night. I make bedtime ‘a thing’, and I never skip a full night time beauty regime where I cleanse and treat my skin.

I love the Spring and Summer months so much more than the Autumn and Winter season. I just become obsessed with having a nice home, a flowing routine, and a healthier life. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the whole nesting comfortably in the Winter, but my productivity and mood always seems to be lower.

As we’ve still got a few months left of Summer, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about my Summer evening routine which I’ve enjoyed sticking to every evening since May. I’m going to try and keep it until through until Autumn/Winter, perhaps making a few changes, but trying to make it stick!

Make my bathroom a pamper room

Of all my cleaning tasks, I keep on top of my bathroom solidly during the Summer. Nothing makes me feel better than stepping into a bright, clean space in the morning, and taking an evening shower and full skincare regime in their before I go to bed.

I’ve really made an effort this Summer, and I’m so impressed with how the space is looking! I bought a new fluffy white bath matt and matching dressing gown, I use a cute towelling headband for giving my skin a full cleanse and exfoliate every night (I use my LumiSpa device and it’s honestly the best skin cleansing device I’ve ever used), I’ve got my favourite cleansers and muslin cloths ready, and I really make the whole skincare routine something I never skip. Having beautiful Bathroom Mirrors certainly helps encourage me to make the whole removing my makeup, completing a full skincare regime and taking care of myself before bedtime ‘a thing’. It kind of feels like my own little pamper room, and I’m loving it! The perfect way to wind down before bed.  

Plan out the next day

I try to go to bed slightly earlier during the Summer, so that I can get up bright and early and make the most of lighter mornings. If I struggle to feel sleepy at going to bed around 10pm (that’s early for me!), I try to set my goals for a brand new day the next day, as without a clear plan of action, I notice it can lead to lots more mental distractions and slow productivity.

All I simply do is before going to bed every night, I just pull out my little notebook (it helps if you genuinely love your notebook, so pick a pretty one!) and make a list of 5 things I need/want to do tomorrow, They don’t always have to be associated with work. Sometimes I add on things I want to buy, someone I need to message, or a housework job I could do with completing.

Try not to put too many on the list. I’ve found when I started spiralling out of control and putting everything I need to do, including work and personal, I lie awake stressing! Just 5 little tasks that would be nice to tick off the next day is more than enough to clear your mind and it makes me go to bed feeling more organised.

Read something motivational in the evening

I’ve never been good at forcing myself to read during the Summer, so now I take the pressure away from myself and instead, remind myself to consume motivational or inspiration content as I wind down before bed. I usually do this before I have my bathroom pamper time, while I’m sat downstairs finishing up my day. I might Google some business advice or some mindset blogs. Sometimes I even scroll positive quotes on Pinterest or Instagram, if I’m having one of those evenings where I am stuck on my phone (I have to be honest and real to myself – I am a technology addict!)

If that doesn’t work, I make lists of places I want to travel to or visit, or I start favouriting recipes online that I know I want to make soon. As long as it’s all inspiring and avoids any negativity, it does the job for me.

Along with the ones I’ve mentioned above, I always try to eat a large meal around 6.30/7pm so I don’t wake up starving and adjugated in the night (I’m such a foodie!), and always choose lightweight, pretty pj’s that make me excited for bed! I recently bought silk pillowcases and duck down pillows to make sleeping more comfortable during the Summer. I wake up easily with the slightest bit of daylight, but I think the whole wind down routine, fresh pj’s, new bedding, a tidy home and writing lists has helped me really look forward to the evenings!

I’d love to hear what Summer evening routines have worked for you guys? Feel free to pop any suggestions in the comments…

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