Money and Energy Saving Hacks for Heating Your Home

Heating expenses seem to rise every year, and if last winter’s polar vortex is anything to go by, which drove temperatures down to record lows nearly everywhere, heating costs are going to get pretty expensive in the coming winters as well.

This creates a dilemma of course, since nobody wants to pay so much money on heating, but short of freezing to a cold demise, that seems to be the only option!

The good news is that while we may not be able to lower the cost of units which the electricity suppliers charge, or prevent another polar vortex from freezing the country over, we can lower our heating bills with a few clever steps that do not involve freezing to death!


Nothing beats a properly insulated home that doesn’t let the heat produced inside to escape, or the cold temperature from the outside to seep indoors. When the heat can’t escape, it becomes unnecessary to use the central heating system, once a comfortable temperature is reached.

Add a ventilation system to your insulated, airtight home, and the air inside will stay fresh, without you ever needing to open the windows. You can open the windows during the day if the sun is out, but shut them before it begins to get cold again to trap the day’s heat inside, which further reduces the need for your boiler to overwork.

As far as your insulation options and methods are concerned, the choice is wide and plenty. You have the option to use cellulose, fiberglass, plastic films, polyethylene bubbles, cardboard, phenolic, straw core and a lot more, depending on which part of the house you are insulating and your budget. Check out the government’s official page on energy savings, which has every bit of information and provides detailed guidance regarding thermal insulation.

Use a Space Heater

Not everyone lives in Alaska or North Dakota, and those in Florida or Louisiana actually experience only moderate drops in temperature, even during the winter. In such states, a space heater from a trusted manufacturer is a cheaper option in every possible way. There is no tradeoff here, as they both cost less up front and consume less power in the long run, making it a win-win scenario.

A heater from Lasko comes with a 3-year warranty, consumes a fraction of the power which a standard HVAC system consumes for heating, and they come with advanced and unique safety measures to prevent overheating.

Should you care to buy a space heater, when you already have an HVAC system? Well, the answer is yes, because it will give you the following advantages:

  • You won’t need to turn on the more power-hungry central heating system when it’s not cold enough
  • A pedestal heater, or a tabletop compact heater can be carried with you anywhere
  • Even on the coldest nights, if only one bedroom is being used, a tower heater will do the job of heating a single room just fine
  • The dangers of using a space heater are absent, but only as long as you use branded products from companies like Lasko, for example
  • You will have a backup heating system in case the boiler goes out, which isn’t that uncommon!

Have You Considered Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows are extremely popular in the UK and almost a standard there, but more US home also need to adopt this amazing method of keeping the heat in and the cold out. Ideally, it’s part of the insulation process, but we discussed only the sealing and ventilation earlier, so this deserves a special mention.

Double glazed windows consist of two high-quality, insulating glass sheets with either a noble gas or complete vacuum in between them. The vacuum or the neutral gas doesn’t allow the heat from inside to escape through the glass, while preventing the cold from outside to come inside through the window.

It’s a genius little solution which also makes it nearly impossible to break your windows via blunt force for burglars, adding home security to the list of pros!

Buy a Smart Thermostat

The job of the smart thermostat is simple and yet, quite intricate. By sensing the ambient temperature, it controls your central heating system, so that the indoors are always comfortable and the heat is regulated as required.

You can also set these up according to the time schedule of your family, to power up and power down the boiler as and when required to make the maximum savings, without letting the temperature drop.

We are heading towards a time when fuel, clean drinking water and various other natural resources we take for granted will come in short, limited supply. It only makes sense that we do everything in our power to delay that future by as many years as possible. The fact that it also saves money is an added advantage that nobody is complaining about either!

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