Modernise Your Apartment: 5 Standout Ideas to Try

Looking for a way to refresh your apartment but don’t know how? No worries – we’ve got you covered. By applying tips used by many interior designers, you too can create a home that is chic and modern.

Here, we’re laying out five great ideas you should try when redesigning your apartment – read on to get inspired!

Add long curtains for a sophisticated vibe

An instant way to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank is to change your drapery. Curtains are an instant decorating tool that can transform any room, but you need to pay attention to one thing, and that is their length.

The design, the style, and the length of the drapery you choose for your apartment need to match the overall style of your living space. If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look, floor-length is the way to go. When hung properly, longer curtains will create an illusion of a higher ceiling, giving your whole room a grander feel with a touch of sophistication.

Hire professionals to build your dream kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s the place where we prepare our breakfast and sip on our morning coffee, preparing for a new day. It’s the focal point of our homes and a place that brings everyone together after a long day.

The color of your kitchen also sets the tone for your whole apartment, so think of the message you’d like to convey. One of the most notable trends when it comes to kitchen design is the introduction of moody colors into the kitchen, and it’s a trend that countries like Australia are picking up on. Not only do deeper hues make your kitchen look modern and sleek, but they’re also very easy to maintain.

Many homeowners from the country’s east coast opt for quality kitchens from Sydney to ensure their new kitchen is designed according to their needs and that it’s in line with their lifestyle as well as personal preferences.

Introduce different layers of light

Lighting has a big impact on how we perceive our living space, and proper lighting is one of the essential components of modernizing any home. A room with poor lighting (or lack thereof) can cause us to perceive the space as gloomy and cramped. On the other hand, a well-lit room appears bright and airy and makes your apartment look warm and welcoming.

Therefore, make sure there is enough natural light coming from your windows during the day, and when the sun goes down, you should have three different layers of light to turn to in order to illuminate your living space. First, illuminate your apartment with recessed ceiling lights or chandeliers.

Next, add a couple of desk lamps to your workspaces, and to complete the lighting concept, get accent lighting – you can do that by adding wall sconces, thus creating visual interest and enhancing certain areas of the room.

Declutter and update your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in our homes that often get neglected and overlooked when it comes to their design. Many homeowners have some misconceptions about bathrooms, thinking that they’ll need to spend all their fortune on updating it.

However, giving your bathroom a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. There are simple ways to spruce up your bathroom without spending too much. First off, start by decluttering – throw away everything you don’t use or need, making some room for the things you actually use.

After decluttering, it is time to tackle the upgrades. Refresh your bathroom by swapping your older faucet with a new, golden-hued one. Cover your walls with a fresh coat of paint, change your shower curtains, and replace your older hardware – doing so is a sure way to update your bathroom on a budget.

Add metallics for a touch of glamour

There is something about metallics that can make any space look glamorous in an instant. Their shiny surfaces can really jazz up your space, especially when combined with materials such as silk, velvet, and wool.

They look best when paired with colors from a neutral palette, so try to stick to a fairly subdued color scheme to help metallics stand out even more. From brass and copper to silver and gold – glimmering metals will add a touch of glamour to your space without you even trying.

A nice silver tray, a vase, or a metallic picture frame – all these are great decor elements and eye-catching accents that will up your fancy quotient in a rather inexpensive way.

There you have it – five ideas for modernizing your living space. Use the tips above to breathe new life into your apartment and turn it into a place you’ll love spending time in.

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